Reversal of Cervical Lordosis & Grade 1 overlap of c4 and c5

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Reversal of Cervical Lordosis & Grade 1 overlap of c4 and c5

Is there a connection between costochondritis, reversal of normal cevrical lordosis, sciatica and rotatated disk? Could I have a herniated disk in my c4 and c5 if they are overlapping slightly? PLEASE HELP!

I started having pain in my right shoulder and neck about 2 years ago (March 2010). This has come and gone. I am pretty sure it is do to the tension of my muscles accrued from high levels of stress. I was prescribed celexa, klonopin and flexeril for the anxiety and muscle spasms.

I was working out and weight lifting with a personal trainer. She told me I should go see a chiropractor when she noticed how one shoulder was higher than the other. After I did this the chiropractor said I had a reverse curve in my neck and nothing more except he wanted me in there three times a week for the next few weeks. I slowly faded off going as I am self-pay and that got expensive fast.

By July 2010 the pain started getting worse. I was seeing primary care doctor and she prescribed me hydrocodone and physical therapy. The pain didnt really get better though I felt as if I became more dehyrdrated and in more pain overall. When I started working at the nursing home I had her take me off and tried other alternatives. I started having sciatica by march 2011 and some low back pain. I then went back to the chiropractor for adjustments and then, again, faded off from them. I found a job sitting with a lady one on one in her house and this helped as it was no where near the labor of have 15-20 patients a shift in a nursing home.

In June 2011, I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And, I loveed it! However, i began to have cricks in my necks or more aches about a month after starting had noticed a slight aching spot on my chest that would come and go. Then the sharp shooting pains from the ribs around my lower thoracic cage. Once, those felt better, which took forever, I was diagnosed with Costochondritis after going to the ER because the pain in my chest got so unbearable I could hardly sleep. Naturally, it being in the area it was I knew to be better safe than sorry. They did the EKG and chest x ray and said all was fine there and diagnosed me with this disease or unknown origin. I was also suffering shin splints the month before this and around this time.

I took about four weeks off and after starting back a week I rotated one of my lower T vertebrates but within normal limits. I was in extreme pain to even walk or lay in bed. To do anything. I also suffered left leg sciatica pain and still do periodically. I just wanted to sleep because then at least I wasn't conscious of the pain. I kept going to the chiropractor and then finally ended up in the ER with more pain. This time my neck and shoulder. Diagnosis-cervical strain. A week later I visited my Physician and she said the X ray showed I had a reversal of cervical lordosis and that my c4 and c5 were slightly overlapping. that it is a grade 1. Also I am having sporadic muscle twitches in legs and sometimes around my eyes.

Any help or opinions greatly appreciated. I tried to include all the details. The pain is horrible in the neck area more than anywhere lately it hurts to sit straight up and feels like my muscles are always so tense in this area!!!!!