Steroid injections in to cervical spine?

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Steroid injections in to cervical spine?


Wondering if anyone knows anything about steroid injections to the cervical spine?

I have severe pain in every part of my neck and thoracic area, MRI of neck is showing disc space and facet degeneration, disc height loss, degenerative signal changes, loss of normal cervical Lordosis, small left parancentral C7-T1 protrusion, effacement of the front of spinal cord and thoracic thecal sac, also mild broad disc osteophyte.

Had accident last year.

Been to PT for 3 months last year and pain is much worse, constant, worse when sitting.

Dr does not want to send me to PT again but wants to send me for steroid injections but just wondering if some other therapy should be going on, guess I'm afraid the injections will just be masking it all?

I did ask should I behaving any kind of therapy and Dr said no.

Thank you for your help.

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From my experience, the steroid injection is to attempt to reduce pain. It is a tool that dr.s use when other forms of therapy are ineffective. Read the forums here. They are a source of very good information.
Good luck with your care.

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steroid injections

hello buzzy
I have had two injections into my cervical spine. I have two herniated discs and moderate to severe neural foraminal stenosis at three levels. The injections themselves were not so bad. I did not work the day of injection. It made me feel tired. Latter the same day I had more pain than usual. I had injections given to me from anesthesiologist. He explained the fluid from the injections take up space in spine where nerves run. The extra pressure creates pain. The pain from the injections subsided in about a week. It did not really make me feel better. My injections were a week apart.
hope this helps, if I can help with questions, just ask

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How they were explained to me

What my doctor told me was that what a epidural steriod injection (esi) was going to do was reduce my pain level so I can function in my daily life and either give my body time to heal on its own or through physical therapy, most of the time your body will heal itself and you don't need surgical intervention. It doesn't help everyone but then again it does help a lot of people. I was told that usually it doesn't work with just one injection but with two you will feel great relief and be able to get your life back. I always thought that it would be worth a shot.

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Well I have been in pain for

Well I have been in pain for years; this last December I went in for an MRI and this is what they found.
Last week I had another MRI and it shows that I have 3 bulging disc's. Between C-4&C-5, C-5&C-6, C-6&C-7
The specialist and my primary care physician wanted me to have the injections to try and reduce the pain and inflammation.
Insurance denied and wanted me to do PT first.
I have attended PT 3 times so far. They are doing traction/decompression. Since i have been going to PT I have started the research of my issue and see things that say this can be fixed without surgery etc. I have totally changed my posture and started doing some neck exercises. Since my PT was not having me do any exercises at home, I took it upon myself to research and do these exercises on my own and have been having great results with the posture and the exercises. I have been doing some exercises that I saw on you tube, one is called the double chin. I am also trying to fit a chiropractic adjustment in between my PT appointments. Well I quess I am trying to get the curve back in my neck and see if that helps the budges.
I am actually seeing a difference in how my neck fills and it had only been a week! I am not kidding!
I would love to be able to get another MRI to see if things are changing or not. It sure seems to be.
I am going to continue on this route and see how it goes.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

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Great News

If you are seeing a benefit from stretching and exercising then you may not need to have the injections. Physical Therapy will help most spine problems, stretching and exercise help most. I would suggest giving it all you got before the injections but definately try them if therapy doesn't help before you have surgery, I know a guy who had 1 injection and never had any more pain.

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I have similar symptoms, neck

I have similar symptoms, neck and thoracic pain all the time. I have been shot from C5 down to T10 with only short-term relief. So they really haven't worked for me. I'm in massage therapy 3X a week right now. PT and the chiropractic was a complete bust.

ESI therapy, if it works, it works and you can get months of relief from it. I'd be very happy with 3 months of relief right now. I've talked to people who have gotten a year out of them.


Diagnosis: Thoracic facet syndrome & cervical and thoracic radiculopathy from car accident trauma.