Success rate of bone spur laser removal

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Success rate of bone spur laser removal

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed with bone spurs earlier this year and I just found out this morning my friend was diagnosed with them last week. However, our doctors are giving us two different treatment options. Mine told me laser removal would help whereas hers says they may have to burn the nerve root. I've been treating mine with massage therapy, heat when needed and muscle relaxers. She just found out about hers, had 2 steroid shots in the next which didn't work and is scared to death so I'm trying to relieve her and find out the success rate of the laser surgery. Does anyone have any info on this or know where I can find it? I gave her the @ to my dr but want to give her some info ASAP.

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In blue box on top page put in bone spurs and search

Lots of infor


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Howdy and Welcome to Spine Health!! As to the removal of bone spurs (osteophytes), the key is simple. If the cause of them forming is not removed, many times (not all), they can return, and back to square 1. Your body tries to 'fix' you with them where weakness or other issues is identified to protect you. Unfortunately, sometimes the spurs cause further problems.

Ask your doctor whether laser treatment will result in "more likely than not" that they will stay away; you might want to ask what other options are out there if they are likely to return after treatment. Just my thoughts based on my own spurs. I hope you all find relief.


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