Ulnar nerve

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Ulnar nerve

Hello Everyone,
I had a nerve conduction test and it came back abnormal on my left arm by the ulnar nerve. I've been having a lot of pain in that arm along with numbness. Has anyone experience this?

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diagnosed ulnar neuropathy

I was diagnosed with ulnar neuropathy a few years back. basically if i bent my arm more than slightly, the last couple of fingers on my right hand would start to tingle then go numb. i was told not to sleep with my arm bent up under my head. and to not put my elbows on the table, etc. as long as i pay attention to that, its usually ok. i do get flare ups on occasion though. i never had pain from that though.

this all happened before i started having all the major back problems though. My EMG which confirmed the diagnosis showed the problem at my elbow, my neck was clear back then. since then, i've had a 2 level cervical fusion as well as a lumbar fusion.

i still get the tingling/numbness in my hand if i bend my arm to much and keep it bent. but i don't get the constant tingling i had when i was first diagnosed.

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pinched ulnar nerve

I had an EMG and a nerve conduction test on Aug 22 and I also have pinched nerve in ulnar nerve in both elbows. I was checking to see if I had carpal tunnel or cervical spine problem and was not even expecting it to be my elbows. I have to go to orthopedist because it is severe in left and moderate to severe in right and will have to wear a type of soft brace on elbows at night to keep from pinching the nerves until they heal. If they dont heal than will have to have surgery but we will not think about that:) I was having numbness in hands at night and elbow pain but I thought this was from tendonitis but now dont think so, maybe the pinched nerves:/

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After my 2nd neck surgery

After my 2nd neck surgery (posterior) I have had nothing but problems. Severe pain in shoulder blade, running down my arm and into my elbow and then into the 3 outside fingers. I sit at a computer all day and it gets extremely bad. My pain starts right on the inside of my shoulder blade (extreme stabbing pain....that's the WORST pain of all)!! I have had 2 EMG's done and the last one came back pretty bad. Doctor said I will need surgery to repair the Ulnar nerve. I know this affects the arm/elbow and hand, but the pain starts in the spinal/shoulder blade area. I decided to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to discuss my options. As I'm typing this....the pain is AWFUL!! Nerve damage is not something I can or want to live with. I hope that you can get some resolution to your problem. Best of luck!!