Wondering if I have arthritis in my neck

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Wondering if I have arthritis in my neck

I was flipping through a book I got from the thrift store from the AMA, which is sort of a flow chart for DIY home health diagnostic and care. Having recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my back, I was reading everywhere that it was mentioned, when something caught my eye. It said that dizziness when the head was turned could be a sign of cervical arthritis. I remembered that for the last several weeks, when I turned my head to look at the clock on my nightstand while lying in bed, I got dizzy. And also I have stiffness in my neck along my spine and don't like to turn it suddenly. I also have odd cricks and cracks in it, especially when I tip my head to the side. Has anyone experienced these symptoms or do they sound familiar to anyone?

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I don't see anywhere to edit

I don't see anywhere to edit a post, but I wanted to add that I also get headaches rather often now, maybe once a week, and I seldom used to. They aren't huge, but it is a change from the norm for me.

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Cervical spine issues can

Cervical spine issues can cause headaches and dizziness. So can a whole host of other things. I recommend that you check it out with your physician.

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arthritis here

I'm told that I have arthritis in my neck. The doc says arthritis causes bone spurs. But there's so much going on w/my neck I'd never be able to sort the arthritis from anything else. I don't get dizzy at all.

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A Dr told me years ago that

A Dr told me years ago that 40% of women 40yrs of age have arthritis in their neck.I don't know if this is true or if he was only trying to make me feel better..(they sometimes sway statistics to make us feel better in my opinion)

The 'cricks & cracks" you are hearing sounds common to arthritis,or even other cervicle problems,but don't let the noises bother you too much,they are common too.Or so I'm told.

I have cervicle DDD and always have the crunchy noises in my neck that are really annoying.There is no way for us to tell you for sure,but yeah,your symptoms sound familiar..I wouldn't call my feeling dizzy so much when I turn my head though,it's more like a ..my eyes kind of have to catch up to where I'm looking kind of feeling.A little out of focus.I think I need reading glasses.. Smile

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Hi Amanda,
It may be a safe bet you do have arthritis in your neck since it has been also diagnosed in your lower back. That being the case if you haven't already seek out a good rheumatologist in your area that can treat this disease. I have severe OA throughout my spine and body for that matter and my rheumy has been able to keep me active and working even with some discomfort.
If you have symptoms of tingling and numbness in your extremities please seek medical advice promptly.
Take care, Ranger