Cold Weather and Sciatica Pain

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Cold Weather and Sciatica Pain

I recently had a neurostimulator put in my back for chronic sciatica pain in my lower back, left hip and left leg. It was working just great until the change in weather recently and now my pain has returned. I was wondering if the winter time will make my pain worse???? I have an appt. with my tech. to have my stimulator readjusted to help my pain but was wondering if any one has any suggestions to help with this pain. It is worse when I am sitting and I can hardly walk.

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Most likely a 'yes'...

...but YMMV.

I am in the northeast and its my second autumn in a row recovering from fusion surgery(s).

The weather hurts me. Sudden pressure switches and cold rain are the worst.

Elec blanket and tiger-balm ultra (White one, check drug store, I get it on Amazon) will become your friends.

Best wishes :-)

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