sciatica in both buttocks and legs

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sciatica in both buttocks and legs


I am new to the forum, so hope I have done this correctly.

My problem started about 4 months ago, when I started to have pain in my right buttock, calf muscle and numbness/tingling in foot.

The pain in buttock went after a short while but the tight calf muscle and numbness in foot continued.

A month later calf tightness and numbness in foot was still there but one morning the pain returned in the right buttock and it was terrible I could not move. I could not see my GP until the next day but when I woke up the next day the pain had gone.

The Gp could not find anything wrong but sent me for an xray.

The GP said the xray showed no problem with any disks but I had a straight spine. She offered no more help saying it would get better.

SO I went to a chiropractor. He said my upper spine was ok but my lower spine was straight when standing but ok when lying down. He said it was not too much of a problem

I had 8 sessions with him and still had the calf tightness and numb foot. In the end I stopped as I did not think it was helping.

Although I had no real pain the numbness and tight calf was a problem as I was limping quite badly. I also noticed that my left leg which had no pain or numbness was not really working properly, it was dragging slightly but if I concentrated on it it was ok.

I also had a period of about two weeks when I needed to urinate constanly during the day but not at night. I had my prostate checked and it was ok as was the PSA test. This problem passed and is now ok

Everything continued the same until a week ago, when I noticed that both my buttocks went numb all of a sudden and the left leg now had the same problems as the right. Also I have noticed some numbness in the Perinem (Saddle) although no bladder problems.

I have been back to GP and she had booked me in for EMG and ENG tests but I have been told there is a long wait.

So my sysmptoms now are both feet tingling with numb patches, both calves tight and painful, both thigh muscles slightly painful, both buttocks numb and tingling.

During the past few weeks I have also had quite bad dizzy spells and had quite a bad gait when walking.

Any ideas would be appreciated


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lumbar pain radiating to lower extremities

I experience chronic pain. Had surgery to prevent the pain from radiating (Lumbar Neuropathy)(Spondylolisthesis). It did not work and I had highly expected it to. Therefore, I continue to experience the radiating pain. Does anyone else have this problem and can share their outcome? Also, do you have problems trying to explain your symptoms. My experience with this is so unexplainable unless someone is actually feeling the same things.

Any suggestions?