Tarlov (or Rexed) Cysts and sciatica

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Tarlov (or Rexed) Cysts and sciatica

Here's my story; is surgery inevitable, and if so, what kind (disectomy/microdisectomy/laminectomy, or ??). Have had 3 spinal injections already to no avail (time frame 4 months). Sciatica is still present at a high level MRI says: "There is decrease in disc hieght and decreased signal intensity on T2 weighted images at L5-S1. A left paracentral disc protrusion is present at L5-S1. Left foraminal stenosis is seen at L5-S-1. Perineural cyst present at left L5-S1." I am a male, age 23, height 6'2" and 165 lbs. Healthy otherwise!
Would appreciate any like experience discussion and resolutions to like circumstances. Thanks