wet and heat sensations in lower leg

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wet and heat sensations in lower leg

Okay, this is new for me but I need to check it out... I have lower back arthritis (minimal) s.i. joint issues but nothing I cant handle.. sometimes knocks me on my rear for a few days but does get better with rest..

I have now heat sensations in my lower left leg and also wet sensations.. like warm water dripping down my legs.. Does anyone have this and has it been diagnosed...


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I know exactly what you are talking about. It is a sensation from a nerve that is probably under compression. Do you have any lower lumbar disc issues or stenosis?

I think it could also be a sign of some other issues that are not related to the spine -- maybe a type of neuropathy...but I am familiar with it from a compressed L=5 nerve.

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yep, done that felt that!

I too have felt that "wet, dripping" sensation, but in my arm. It is weird isn't it? It is the same feeling as when you get out of the shower and walk around...kinda cold, drippy feeling. So, yes, you are not alone!

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Yup, I had the ice water

Yup, I had the ice water running down my leg feeling with my back.. From my herniation compressing my nerve. Have you had an MRI to check for sciatica? Sounds like your nerves are being compressed.

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it sounds like

there is a problem with your L5 or S1 nerve route go see your doctor