Corpectomy T12 surgery

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Corpectomy T12 surgery

I'm new to here! I found Spine-Health while doing research on my condition. I found you after surgery but later better than never! I had a Corpectomy on 6/25/2008 at the T12 level. I've been VERY depressed since I have found out I have been lied toby most all providers. Just want to say HELLO....Barbara
PS let me know if I am not doing things correctly since I'm a newbee!!

birddorg (not verified)
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Barbara - Finally! Someone I can talk to about this surgery! I broke T-12 last May in an auto accident, and because I am still in pain, I am looking into reconstructive surgery. One doctor said anterior corpectomy with reconstruction, and another said costotransversectomy. Please tell me about your condition that led you to surgery and what the surgery and recovery have been like. Why are you upset with your providers? I haven't been able to find anyone who has had this surgery, and really want to know more about it.

haglandc (not verified)
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Hi Barbara

Hi and Welcome once again to Spine Health. I'm sorry that you are bummed at the moment and I'm thrilled that birddog has someone to communicate with now!!!

Can you explain why you are so bummed? Did the corpectomy work?

Hang in there.


sams76 (not verified)
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t 12 rods and cage surgery

hi looking for information on a corpectomy. I have a tumor which has destroyed t12. scheduled for a rod stablization of the back and then 4 days later anterior corpectomy with cage placement at t12. any feed back is welcomed on what to expect as recovery time and limatations. I am an RN but this is not my field!

sallymae345 (not verified)
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thoracic pain

I have a T11/12 T12/L1 total disruption in the thoracic spine. These are rare case injuries usally ony caused by a direct cause of impact or injury, from what I have learned. These surgeries are also rare in this location of the spine. I've been seeing a Neurologist for my pain and mri test and I've been keeping in touch with my primary too. It has been recommended for me to have a thoracic two level fusion with stability. I have decided not to have this invasive procedure, given all that I have learned about it. This upsets those whom have interest in doing the surgery however, but I am fine with it. I am very comfortable with my decision. I have been dealing with this for over two years and I know I am much, much better off not having surgery. From what I have learned I'm sure I am saving myself from agony, irriversible compications that most often occur and are most often way bigger problems than the original ones. Although I am currently pending another opinion from a spine specialist, I'm hoping for some good support, advise and good referals for holistic therapy.

I have found that Lyrica workss very well for nerve pain and It's amazingly helpful with a mild muscle relaxer.I began taking these about five months ago.I am not big on taking any kind of drugs, I just don't like it, but it has to be better than taking multiple pills,multiple times a day. Although I was up to that a couple of weeks ago. I began to get my pain under control with a lot of mind body focus and constant total body mechanics awareness.I suppose if I had these problems in my low back I would have to have this fusion. The things I count as blessings,huh. These days I'm doing considerably well and most days I don't take any medicine, verses taking multiple doses myself just a few short weeks ago. Hopefully I will never fall into a bad enough situation to be forced to have to have this surgery, as pain can sometimes drive you to that. It almost drove me to it too.

sams76 (not verified)
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had the procedure!!

I had T12 and L2 corpectomy's done on July 13 posterior fixation and four days later anterior cages placed. I am 50 yr old nurse who was dx with plasmacytoma. I can honestly say i was scared to death when told what they were going to do. I too researched this procedure but had less then a week until it was to be done. Even my brother questioned the survival of the body for this but I am here to tell you it can be done!!! I was in ICU for 14 days, basically because I was a RN and they wanted me to be there, and then three days on the floor. At the time of surgery I was told my only other option was a wheelchair and for me that was not an option. My spinal cord was already compressed and I had some episodes of loss of movement to lower extremities. I was home for 8 days and had my first dr's appt. I was on a walker for three weeks and then a cane for a week and then none. I am still on pain meds, not as before and I am driving, walking and climbing stairs. I can bend and tie my shoes, lift 15 lbs. I also had 15 days of radiation. Three days before surgery I recieved a phone call from a 67 yr old woman whom the dr asked if she would call me as I wanted to speak to someone who had this done. She is a yr out, walking a mile every morning, swimming in the afternoon and playing cards for three hours in the evening with friends two days a week. She had to go to a nursing home and then rehab because she had no one to take care of her. I was fortunate to have family and friends who pulled shifts to stay with me so I could go home. Anyone who needs someone to talk to who has had this feel free to contact me at . Friday was my four month mark and unfortunately my mother passed during this recovery time. On October 26th I made a staight through drive 2375 miles to be home for her funeral. Yes in a car, and yes I am probably going to catch heck when I get back but I was more afraid of getting the swine flu on an airplane with recycled air then the pain of the ride! call me crazy. Good luck to all with their surgeries.

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Hi Sam

I've been off work for 3 weeks from a T12 fracture. I just got fitted with a back brace, but I don't feel allot of relief yet. I can't even push when I go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement. I do have a pretty good Neurosurgeon who spotted the recent fracture, after a radiologist that did the MRI tried to say it was an "old" fracture. The Neurosurgeon took my films over to the hospital and pointed out to the radiologist this was a "recent" fracture, and the guy apologized. I was pushing something at my job that was a little heavy and my back jerked and I felt something pop in my back. How did you deal with the pain before your surgery? I take Lortab every 4 hours, and it wears off in 3, but I try to not take more. Also, when I take a deep breath in, there's a sharp pain almost above my right buttocks. I've tried heating pad, but nothing is working. I go back to my Dr. the 23rd.

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bulging abdomen after ALC

hello out there! i had an anterior lumbar corpectomy L1,T12 nov.16,2010. 15 screws two rods and a cage. all healing well except that muy lower left abdoman pops out . doc and p.t. say is not hernia ,but nerve damage from anterior incision to muscle. its fine if i am lying down...and not bad first thing on a.m...but gets bigger as day moves on and I eat and drink. sometimes the area feels tender,but some of the sensation is slowly coming back in that area.p.t,thinks its my transverse abdominal...but i would appreciate feedback from anyone as it doesnt seem to be a symptom that they seem familiar with.

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I dont quite understand because you are an RN they wanted you there in the ICU for 14 days. Sounds like someone who isnt a RN or isnt in the medical field, would be treated different. Less time in the ICU and be sent on their way. Not good