Muscle Freeze on Upper Back.

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Muscle Freeze on Upper Back.

Hello, first of all i dont know what the condition is called, since my native language is not English, but it is the same thing that happens on your neck at Summers when you're somewhat sweaty and you're positioned near an air conditioning unit and it results on not being able to tunr twist your neck on one or both sides. What is this called BTW?

Anyway i have this condition but on the upper right part of my Back.

I was playing Basketball like 2 weeks ago and i didnt have clothes to change, i just wore my top jacket and rode on a motorcicle home. LAter that night i started experiencing heavy pain and at first i thought i somehow stretched or tore a muscle, but upon visiting the doctor the next day i was infromed it was this "muscle freeze" thing

3-4 days later and up to this day, everything is fine except when i wake up, where the pain shows signs that the condition is still there but only slightly. Why do i always wake with this pain even like 10-12 days after the incident and how can i condition myself to completely relieve this?

Sorry for the longitude of my post.

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what did your doctor say

If your doctor diagnoised the 'muscle freeze' - what did he say could help it?

Welcome to spine health, in any case...have you tried to look up any articles thru the site that may deal directly with the problem you are facing? It might be worth a try.

I am not certain I have experience your situation, but thought either your doctor, since he stated your problem, or some research could help you.

post any questions anytime.