Upper back supports?

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Upper back supports?

I'm having a huge issue with muscle spasm in my upper back. My injury is actually at L2, but it causes kyphosis and so affects the stability of my entire spine.

I feel like I'd do well occasionally wearing something that straightens out my upper back, because my slouch has become quite pronounced (I don't have kyphosis in my upper back, it's just a muscle thing).

Any advice?

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They make a lightweight brace that is just made from elastic that would work for this problem. I got mine from my physical therapist, but I think you can get them on line. I'll see if I can find a link.

Also I would suggest you spend some time on the floor each day doing the following traction exercise. It is very simple and most people find that it feels good. It allows the discs to unload and if the muscles are contracting to "guard" the spine, due to instability, it allows them to rest.

Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on floor about shoulder-width apart. You may put a flat pillow under your head, if needed. Arms should be close to your body, palms facing up, toward ceiling. Relax and breathe slowly from the belly...stay this way about 5 minutes.

It may take several days or even longer for this to feel comfortable if you have a lot of misalignment...but eventually it should feel very comfortable.