3 weeks post-surgery . . . left index finger

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3 weeks post-surgery . . . left index finger

Tomorrow, I will be 3 weeks post-surgery (2 level ACDF) and I'm beginning to get worried. The reason that I decided to have surgery was because I had 8 significant nerve pain flares in a year and a half. The flares lasted from 10 - 14 days, the last flare, however, was 28 days. This is a level 10 pain, 24 hours per day . . . and meds wouldn't even touch it. I've also had a numb left index finger for a year and a half. The numbness would increase to significant pain with activity.

Well, after surgery, my left index finger was still numb. I figured I could deal with that -- as long as the surgery got rid of the horrible pain flares. In the past couple of weeks, I've noticed that my left index finger has returned to being painful with any activity of my left arm. If I fold clothes, drive with my arm up on the side of the door, comb my hair, anything -- my left index finger changes from numbness to pain.

UGH. I'm starting to worry.

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Maybe it's "waking up" after being so numb, kind of like when your foot goes to sleep and then gets painful when it wakes up. If so, that's a good sign. Anyway, I'm no doctor, so of course it would be best to talk to your surgeon.

Good luck and let us know what happens.