ACDF, hard neck braces, and long hair care

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ACDF, hard neck braces, and long hair care

I'm due for a hair cut and color, and definitely plan to do something befor my surgery (1/3/12) but not sure what.

Would shorter hair be easier to care for during the time in a hard neck brace? If so, how short? Or would longer be better so I could put it int a ponytail? Does longer hair tend to get caught in the neck brace?

Or does it not matter because hair care is really not a problem during recovery?

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I always preferred mine in a

I always preferred mine in a pony tail. It was just easier that way. I finally had to get mine cut short after my posterior surgery because they shaved the back of my neck and I hated it!

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Don't cut it

I would certainly go ahead and color your hair, but personally, I think if your hair was short, it would get tangled in the velcro of the brace. Also, the back of your neck can get hot with the brace on; I can't imagine having shorter hair caught back there.

I'm sure many shorter hair people have coped just fine, but if you have the option, keep it long and wear it in a pony tail or bun of some kind.

Good luck!