Back Brace after surgery

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Anonymous (not verified)
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Back Brace after surgery

Hi Everyone,

I have read different things about braces. I found out today I will have one after my Axial LIF for my L5/S1 fusion on Jan 20th. A few questions:

Do you have to have one?
Are there different types?
How long do you have to wear it, all day everyday?
Does it make your other muscles weak?

Thanks for your help and thoughts!


lisaschu34 (not verified)
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still waiting

My surgery is 1-20 I think they are putting me in a brace I am sure the doc will give it to you and show you all about it.They are usually hard plastic but I sure there are different one then those. Mine is to be used all the time I am not in bed because he does not want an twisting at all to happen. it is important to wear it in the shower too .Thats whst my paperwork said hope that helps a little.,lisa

BackTyme (not verified)
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In the shower too! Thanks for the info. I also found the thread with back brace info. Wow...lots of differences. I wil find out on Monday what my surgeon wants.

campbell2 (not verified)
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I didn't know we were

I didn't know we were supposed to wear our braces in the shower Doh ! Seems we wouldn't, it would be wet all the time, unless I have a different kind of brace than you guys. I don't wear mine in bed, or if I'm in the recliner w/feet up. That's what I was told, I called & asked about sitting in the recliner with it. My brace has cloth on the sides, & rigid hard backing. Guess I'll find out on the 19th of Jan., for my 2nd follow up. God bless, Linda

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You may find this discussion

You may find this discussion on braces interesting too...

Also this article on

Keep positive!

Bruce old timer here and ex-moderator

Cali-Sue (not verified)
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Hi BackTyme, I had the hard

Hi BackTyme, I had the hard TLSO brace. I called it my Zena Warrior Princess outfit. I had to wear it when up and active. I didn't need it if lying down, using restroom, or showering. I used it for a total of 10 weeks, the last two I was weaning out of it. Once out of it, my upper back/lower neck started hurting, feels like muscle spasms. Now I wonder if I have cervical issues. I am just trying to strengthen my upper back muscles. Don't even want to know what is wrong at this point. Hopefully time will fix me up. There are many different braces and different theories on brace use. Some Spineys don't even get one at all. I think it mainly is there to keep you from accidently (or purposefully) BLT'ing. I didn't like mine until it was time to give it up, then I wished I still had it. Hug Cali-Sue

BackTyme (not verified)
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Hey Cali-Sue

Good to hear from you...

I get that a brace would be good to help with BLT's. I have tried to stop BLT's for practice. I find myself bend without even thinking about it. After talking to PT and reading the brace worried me about making my other muscles weak. If it is for a short period of time I am not as worried.

So good to hear from you! Your words are always helpful! Let me know how you are doing!

Blessings Angel

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Ask your doctor every situation is different.

I had a 3 level PLIF fusion, I supposed to wear this brace I have ( a donjoy , heres a link to a picture of it on their website, In no way am I endorsing this brace or brand this link is for illustrative purposes only)

URL Removed

Im supposed to wear mine whenever im out of bed and not in the shower. I think it would fall apart in the shower. it is a great brace just a little pricey if you dont have the insurance coverage.

Its supportive and keeps me from bending and keeps things straight. I just wish there was some way of washing this thing a little better. Again ask your doctor, and make sure your brace fits right because alot of times if you are given one you are expected/need to wear it for months on end. I think Im supposed to wear mine until they see union on all 3 levels ( 6-8 months good case scenario)



Quit 'yer whining. Do what you can. Sit and wallow in your pain and it will consume you! Its not a knock on anyone, its the TRUTH! A lot of us are in a rut. Do something for yourself. be your own advocate! Ask Questions! Follow through!

I see a lot of people are whiners in chat and all they talk about is medications and Oh my pain is soo bad. I understand this site is for support, But the best support is making people realize REALITY. There is life after back problems. Ive had 5 surgeries on mine, and Still trying. I push myself to the limit every day! Think career, and not disability. there is always a chance for productivity, after inactivity. DO IT!


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I like your style fused78. I

I like your style fused78. I think like you do. It is only a disability if you let it be one. No pain no gain. Get up and move and make the best of every day. No matter what it beats the alternative of pushing up daisies. LOL.

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I don't think most braces were made to wear in the shower. It would be difficult to get them dry. Check with your doctor. I had a double fusion at L3/4 & L 4/5. I was sent home with some special dressings that kept the water out of the incision area when I showered. I didn't have any energy to shower for the first week at home. I had a nurse who came in and helped me with a sponge bath. Later when I did shower I was told to take the brace off just before I got in the shower, and have someone right there to help me put it on when I got out of the tub. I didn't have to wear it for sleeping, but again check with your doctor.