Breathing tube

Breathing tube

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Anonymous (not verified)
Breathing tube

If you had a breathing tube put in during surgery - how sore was your throat afterwards? They will be doing this for me and I am just curious how sore my throat might be.

jusserfinn (not verified)
Mine wasn't too bad, it

Mine wasn't too bad, it wasn't even as bad as the kind you get when you have a cold :p

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No problem

I never noticed much of anything after any of my surgeries.
I was never awake when the tube was in and they did not harm anything. Sometimes they can leave you with a scratchy, sore throat feeling.

They told me not to worry about it as I would not remember it being in, I don't.

Depending on the surgery, but the operation area hurt enough I did not much notice anything else that was going on pain wise!

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My throat was just scratchy

My throat was just scratchy for a few weeks.

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My throat wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The doc said that I should expect a sore throat for a few days, so I stocked up on jello, pudding, Ensure, etc. But I was pleasantly surprised at my results. My throat was a bit sore, but hasn't stopped me from eating or drinking anything.

Good luck!

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nuttin much

My 2002 surgery I recall it irritating my throat and begging for ice chips. My surgery a month ago I didn't feel a thing - but my front tooth has a small jagged edge in the bottom now!

Nancy Louise Jones
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at all, really. Maybe just like when you wake up in dry weather. It went away after only a day or so. No biggie! Wishing you super good luck (and good skill to your surgical team) in your surgery and recovery.

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My throat pain was memorable enough for 3 days that I swore to myself if I ever had another surgery I would sneak some Cepacol or other anesthetic throat spray in for use when I awoke, considering the pain meds I was on post-op, it had to be pretty bad initially.

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Hi Christine

I've had many surgeries and I have felt no pain at all. Only my last surgery for my septal deviation in my nose which I had surgery for twice. The last surgery my throat was a little sore but it was gone by the next day but most likely due to packing I had in my nose. Good luck with your surgery. Charry

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