Double cervical fusion with allograft

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Double cervical fusion with allograft

Can anyone tell me of their experience with two cervical fusions at once with cadaver donor? A surgeon said I need this done, but I am trying to have injections to prevent this. Any help?

LJ (not verified)
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I just had a triple level ACDF on Sept 17th. It took me 8 years to talk myself into it and 8 years ago I had one herniated damaged disc and by the time I had surgery I had 4. My advice would be get an MRI, see at least two specialists (one neuro and one ortho) and have a discussion about your condition at current and what to expect in the future. My surgery was not an option as what drove me to the doctor was numbness and pain in my fingers, hands and arms that never went away once it started. Turned out I had major spinal cord compression and arthric changes in my cervical spine that were crushing nerves. The only path from this point was down, do nothing and take a chance on more damage and never getting back full feeling in my hands. Anyway its 8 days post surgery and I am hoping for a quick fusion and speedy recovery.
Good luck to you,

JoRed (not verified)
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Yea, neurosurgeon said i would need it, but not at present but he didnt check me out like the spine specialist. The specialist said I need it sooner rather than later becuase i already have partial paralysis on left side. The thing is, he said it wouldnt help my pain and due to my condition, it wouldnt be the only surgery i was going to have. but i guess using my arm into the future has its benefits....

Frustrated2008 (not verified)
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I had a herniated disc at

I had a herniated disc at C6-C7. One day the disk just "came apart" and I was in extreme pain, to the point none of the narcotic pain relievers worked and I was cry my eyes out. I needed surgery right then and now. I had an ACDF and when I awoke the pain was gone. I still have numbness which may or may not resolve itself.

Chrissy1311 (not verified)
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I had a 2 level ACDF

Hi ther Jo
I had a 2 level ACDF on Sept 3rd of this year C 4-5 and
C 5-6 i am 3 weeks and a day or so post-op now.

My Ortho Spine specialis told me that because I did not have spinal cord compression and the pain was actually being caused from my moderate to severe torn and leaking discs the surgery only would have a 50% success rate. The ACDF has a higher success rate for patients with spinal cord compression. At least this is what my Ortho Spin Sp. has told me.

He used a titanium plate and screws with a Carbon FIber Spacer. No donor bone. He I believe used and bone chips from my own bones, such as taking them from any spurs etc that needed removal.

The good news is the numness and weakness inmy left arm as of now has gone away and not returned as of yet. I still have some pain and spasms but I am also still in a hard collar.

I hope this information had helped you some. Something to take into consideration is that every Surgeon handles things a bit differently and everyone's body heals and reacts to surgical intervention differently. I hope whatever is in the future for you...will help your problems and allow you to return to a better less painful life! PM me if you ever want to talk!

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frustrated 2008

did the disc coming apart cause compression on your cord?
if so did any of the myelopathy symptoms get better after surgery? patsy

JoRed (not verified)
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thanks for the information!

thanks for the information!