L1 burst fracture - retropulsion into spinal canal

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L1 burst fracture - retropulsion into spinal canal

Hello all,

So not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes.

I am late twenties guy from the UK, managed to get a L1 burst fracture about a month ago (early June) in a falling accident. I don't think there was / is any nerve damage since I can pretty much move everything as I could before, plus I am not getting numbness or tingling or anything like that.

Basically I had a MRI scan when I arrived in the emergency room a month ago, and diagnosis of L1 burst fracture - retropulsion into spinal canal. My fracture was 'stable' and I was discharged from the hospital 3 days later with a TLSO brace. Recovery time prognosis is 3-6 months.

Had a follow up appointment with a back specialist 2 weeks later where I was kind of given the ok, just need to wear the brace for a while etc etc etc.

Anyway my question is, my next scan for my back is a CT scan booked for early September, shouldn't there be like monthly check ups that my back is healing okay. There is like a 3 month period between when I had my first and only MRI scan (ER), and then 3 months later when I have the CT scan, but nothing in between. Shouldn't there be a scan in between those 3 months check that it's healing okay?

Thanks all.


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Burst fracture

I would say that you are quite fortunate not to have a surgical repair. I had an L5 burst fracture that was not stable and had a major surgical repair. It involved a spinal fusion of S1 thru L3. I am not too happy with my neurosurgeon as he really did not have to fuse to L3. He did so to make sure the hardware did not move. Anyhoo, I spent a month in the hospital. I also had a dislocated knee that required surgery. Regarding how often one has check ups. Apart from my initial hospital stay, I see my surgeon every 3 months to see how things are healing. He only asks for an x-ray to see if the hardware has not moved. I did get a 2nd opinion and that surgeon ordered a CT scan. It's at that time I learned I could of had one less vertebrae fused. It's been a pretty rough recovery for me. Lots of pain meds, PT Therapy, muscle relaxers, and hoping for the day of ever feeling normal again. It's been 6 months now and I'm slowly getting better. In a couple weeks I'm having an arthroscope on my knee to remove scar tissue and regain my range of motion.
How is your back feeling? Do you have any numbness in your feet/toes?
I'm located in the US. Anne