Muscle tightness

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Muscle tightness

I was wondering if anyone has severe muscle tightness still after surgery. I am two months after my surgery and still feel like I have a brick in my lower back. I had two fusions L3-5 and screws and rods and a lamenectomy. I'm sure it is to be expected, but have not heard anyone talk about it. My PT and pool therapy have helped me to be much more flexible, but that tightness is what is keeping me on the Vicodin. Thanks

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Have you tried....

... a bit of Valium to ease the tightness/spasms? You may want to ask your doc for an helps w/ the deeper "brick" tightness (I always say it feels like a banana-clip in there, all around the fusion area). Or any other muscle relaxant, like Flexeril or Skelaxin...but Valium seems to be the Gold Standard...

I am 1.5 years out & still deal daily w/ the tight, sore muscle pain...remember, a fusion is very invasive, there's a lot of retraction/cutting/disection of both the surface & deep just takes a long long time to heal...

And as you do that, a good muscle relaxer can help keep things from siezing-up, which increases the pain, etc. But at only 2 months out, perhaps you don't want to do too much movement yet...remember no "BLT"ing...& that in itself will cause stiffness & tightness...but you can regain that later when your fusion is stronger.

Plus the hardware will cause the muscles to tighten-up, as your instrumentation is not flexible & you are now "working against" metal that is not as flexible as your good ol' bones were!

Good luck! Keep walking & moving around...and stretch well b4 you get out of bed in the AM...things tend to petrify during the night!