Pre-Op Exercises

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Pre-Op Exercises

I am looking at scheduling a microdiscecotmy for a herniation at L5-S1. I know part of the reason for the herination is a weak core. I am able to walk and stretch some without intense pain. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to strengthen my core or other exercises to do before the surgery so I can recover quicker? Thanks!

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an exercise ball

hi!! Wave using the exercise ball is a great way to work on your core and not injure your back any further. all you have to do is sit on it and balance and you will develope your core muscles that way. there is info on the site about the ball. of course if you are up to it, there is more you can do.. talk to your doctor about this first! Call good luck with your upcoming surgery! Grin Jenny Smile

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Good luck

The ball is a great way to build core strength without hurting yourelf. I can't stand to walk, but I ride a mountain bike. Riding bicycle helps with balance, core strength, leg strength. I was up to a 100 miles a week before this episode of back pain. Waiting to schedule 360 fusion. It is great exercise if your pain allows it.

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Hi ~

You might want to look at some of the exercises that are recommended on this site:

Keep up with your walking. That will help with your conditioning.