residual nerve root pain

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residual nerve root pain

I had an L3-4 discectomy with fusion for spondylolethesis as well on 12/30/08. I had a previous surgery in March 05 to remove cyst/tumor w/discectomy at L4-5. I have had pain in that nerve root (left side L4 ) for years. I have some relief but not what I was hoping for. I know that the surgeon said the nerve root was very red & irritated, & could take up to a year to heal. Has anyone had any long lasting nerve root pain that resolved after months? Also, it is unusual to be out of work for this long? I've been out 3 months & am officially disabled til Apr. 17. I do the PT. stretches, wall squats, walking at least 30 minutes a day. Sitting & walking aggravate it for longer than 20-30 minutes. I am afraid how this will affect me when I need to return to work. I'm kinda scared because I will need the money.
I'm new to this site but not, unfortuneately to back/leg pain.

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i don't know

well i'm 11months post op,still doing therapy and still having pain,but i was doing pretty well until i was rearended in a car accident,left me with whiplash on top of recovering from surgery.set me way back and now i have no idea whats what.what pain is from the surgery and whats from the car accident.I've been on narcotics since just after the car accident and now my doc. is telling me that she doesn't want me taking them anymore she wants me on tylenols.She said she's affraid that i'm going to get addicted to them,but she has no idea of what kind of pain i'm in and how i feel after i exercise.Its nice when someone who obviously has never had back pain thinks they know whats best for someone who is in a lot of pain.i'd love to see her in as much pain as i am and just give her a tylenol for it.She thinks tylenols are the answer to everything.LOL.Anyways i'm not back to work at all and who knows when i'll be able to.It hasn't even been addressed yet.