Post Herpatic Neuropathy from Shingles

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Post Herpatic Neuropathy from Shingles

I had shingles in October 2007. The rash appeared on my left chest (near shoulder) and on my head (on left side).

About 6 months after the rash went away, I started to feel tingling, burning, pulling, zaps, jiggly, wiggly, tightness, sharpness, and deep pain in my left scapula that sent spikes up through my neck and nape of head.

I had an MRI that was normal. I saw a neurologist who wanted to do an EMG but I refused since I had already suffered through one of those after a car accident in 1989.

So, my primary care doctor said it had to be from the Shingles. It was post herpatic neuropathy.

I have tried ultram, darvocet, percocet, Cymbalta, ultracet, Lortab, Flexeril, Soma, and Lyrica.

I had 3 sets of trigger point injections that failed.

My primary care said he could not just keep providing me with narcotics and insisted that I see a pain management specialist.

On my first visit, I felt like I was some kind of criminal being interrogated. He had my prescription sheet and grilled me on every prescription I have gotten since 2004.

He bascially explained to me that I could have cervical epidural steroid injections or he could discharge me as a patient. He would not write for any medications. I was floored. I almost cried!

I went for my first cervical epidural steroid injection on March 12th. The Dr. only gave me 2 of Versed and I screamed from the pain the entire time. The effects wore off in 5 days.

At my 2 week follow-up, he scheduled me for a 2nd one and put me on 12.5 fentanyl patch. The pharmacy gave me the Mylan patch. The day after I put the 2nd patch on and did not have any relief, I called the Dr. he suggested I use 2 patches. I get about 40% relief for the 1st day and a half.

I go back to see him on April 13th. I have noticed that
more people prefer the Sandoz patch and plan to ask him to switch me to that at the 25 strength.

I also asked him if he could give me a little more Versed
during the procedure but her refused. My 2nd injection is
scheduled for 4/23.

Anyone else going through the hell that I am??? Please help! Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I am a single mother of a 12 year old daughter
with Down Syndrome. This ordeal has extremely effected both of our lives terribly.

Thank you in advance - Camille

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Congratulations you have found a wonderful PM who does not treat except for procedures! Well, you may be somewhat better off as at least you are getting the patch. I suggest you carefully keep telling the PM that the patch only works for X number of hours and if you are lucky it will be worked out to a level that helps you.

I can't really comment on shingles treatment or even if that is what you need. If that first ESI helped for 5 days you may be on the right track. The pain during an ESI happens, I can't say how to get help there. Just keep pleading your case!

also, if you do not like this PM ask for a second opinion!
My PM would have kept me on the injection treadmill for a lone time. The injections did not work at all for me though, so there is a difference. A second opinion has led me to do a Spinal cord Stimulator trial. It works for me and I am awaiting approval of a permanent SCS now. Nailbite

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Cute Dog!

Thanks for the reply. I feel better knowing that someone else who had the ESI only had relief for 5 days.

I picked this PM dr. carefully. I did not want a dr. that would just write for me to keep me quite. I wanted a dr. to follow my problem closely and be willing to treat with whatever might be available.

This PM dr. is *very* confident and has a very good reputation here in Vegas. I didn't want to have to switch PM dr.'s and look like a "seeker".

I now unfortunately know first-hand what a problem illegal use of prescription drugs does to the actual patients who really require them. It is so unfair.

I will be asking my PM for the Sandoz patch on Monday instead of the Mylan. And maybe I will get some BT meds if the patch still doesn't last 3 days.

Hopefully, the 2nd ESI will last longer.

Keeping fingers crossed (since they don't hurt!)!!!

Thanks again - Camille

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Shingles neuropathy

I finally figured out why I was having sharp pains from my right scapula around to the front of my chest- you just confirmed this for me. It is following the exact same tract as the shingles I had 6 months ago! Pain is not bad enough to require medicine, but if this pain was on my left side, I would have thought I was having a heart attack. Many thanks for the info you provided.

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Homeopathy works well in

Homeopathy works well in cases of post-herpetic neuralgia. This is a very painful condition
& needs proper treatment at time.

shingles symptoms