What to do when your discharged for breaking a contract??

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What to do when your discharged for breaking a contract??

Hi! I am wondering if my husband is the only person in the world this has happened to. My husband who is 30 years old and suffers from spinal stenosis, DDD, and more has already had a laminectomy and a fusion. He began pain management at the only pain clinic in our city last september. After all of the psychological testing, PT and initial visit he finally got in to see the dr. The Dr. prescribed him Lyrica, 10 mg percocet and mobic. My husband has been on loratab for 9 years prior to this. Since this was new to us and we had no idea the strictness of the contract, my husband over did it around the house and ended up running out of medicine. Like a ding dong, he calls and tells his nurse the situation and asked if he could move his appointment up a few days since he was going to be out of medicine early. Well, she says no. The next thing i know we get a certified letter saying that he was being discharged. Basically, the dr. felt he was not capable of managing his medicines, etc.- in not such a nice tone. I am wondering if something like this has ever happened to anyone. Now, we have tried to be referred to other pain managements outside of our city and they will not accept him since he was discharged. My husband did break the contract by not following the prescribed amount but will this ever go away? Is there anyway to find somewhere else that will take him without having to have our ortho surgeon's office call until they get somebody. This has humilated him and makes him feel like a junky begging when he is in legitamate pain. I would love to hear any advice! I really enjoy this forum and appreciate all of you sharing your experiences.

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Could he go to his primary

Could he go to his primary doctor and ask him for pain med?in the contract did it say he couldnt get his pain meds early?I signed a pain contract,in my contract it did say you can not get pain meds 2 or 3 days early....

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I am so sorry

This may be hard for your husband to overcome. I do not know if he will be able to find a doctor to treat his pain at this point. The pain contract is not something that pain doctors play or fool around with. It is very specific and all I have heard of that use it adhere to it.

I would suggest starting with your husbands primary care doctor and telling him the story. This could be really, really hard to work through. Perhaps he could get accepted into a methadone type program? Methadone does work well for pain too.

I would suspect there is help, but??? I'd suggest the PCP and begging him to help as if your husband goes to to many doctors on top of breaking the pain contract he will probably be labeled as seeking pain meds.

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I agree

I agree with the others - you could try going to a primary care doctor. That's who prescribes my meds. When she "upped" my meds last year, she had me sign a contract. She was so apologetic about it and made it seem like it was no big deal and I admit - I hardly read it. After the 4th or 5th month of calling in for refills, the nurse strongly "cautioned" me that I was calling in too early too many times. I was mortified because I had no idea they were actually counting days ( naive, I know ). The funny thing was - I was never calling in early because I was out of meds, I was just trying be responsible and get it done BEFORE I was out. Anyway, they didn't dismiss me or anything, just gave me that warning and that was that. Maybe they are a little more forgiving than pain clinics.