CNN story on CVS in Florida

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CNN story on CVS in Florida

Just saw this report on CNN. CVS has sent out letters to certain doctors in Florida saying they will not fill prescriptions for certain painkillers (oxycodone was one mentioned) written by these doctors. The theory was that CVS used their records to pick out certain docs who they thought were writing too many scripts for these drugs.

Also, there were new statistics put out by the CDC (I think) about a month ago that 15,000 people died last year from prescription painkillers, which exceeded deaths from heroin and cocaine.

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Florida leads the nation by far in oxycodone rx abuse

Florida in general seems to be an RX meds abuse state. Oxycodone, oxycontin, percoset, you get the picture. Pill mills are being clobbered in southern Florida. Turns out is not just southern FL. It's all over the state due to flaky regulations and tracking. It's too easy to do down there. Very lucrative and profitable business.

From CVS :

"CVS pharmacies in Florida are refusing to fill pain-pill prescriptions written by certain high-prescribing doctors.

In a form letter sent to the affected physicians, the chain said it is cutting off their patients from all Schedule 2 narcotics, a class of painkiller that includes oxycodone."

Just some samples of all the noise.

Think about this for a minute...

Florida also has become a magnet for pain clinics. 90 of the nation's top 100 oxycodone-buying doctors in 2010 were in Florida, according to federal records.