Compounded pain cream

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Compounded pain cream

Has anyone ever been prescribed a compounded cream for nerve pain in the legs/feet resulting from spinal fusion. My doctor has written a prescription for 5%Amitriptyline/4%Ketamine/5% Lidocaine. Anyone ever used something similar and how did it work?

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My Doc did try a Ketaprofen cream to try that had to be compounded. We have a specialty pharmacy in Louisville that does most compounding scripts. Im sorry to say, it didn't work very well.


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I have a cream that has 5 different meds in it.

I use it on my shoulder, not great results but does help. It comes from a pharmacy in Ala, the fedex when I need a refill.

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in the past, I had a pain dr

in the past, I had a pain dr suggest a compounded cream...he contacted a local pharmacy that compounded, and someone from the pharmacy contacted me. He told me that my insurance did not cover the cream due to one or more of its' ingredients. I told him to skip it as I was not going to pay $150.00 for a cream that may or may not even help. On cue, he started his spill about being able to "help me with the costs"...I thanked him but declined then hung up while he was starting in on something else

so make sure your insurance covers it before moving forward, or you may have a pretty expensive tube on your hands

Cindy Coffman
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I use the same cream

I do find that when I settle down after using the cream. I get a small bit of relief. Better than none right! Sincerely Cindy


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My best friend has one that is compounded

that contains several different medications and she swears by it. It comes from a compounding pharmacy in NJ I believe , and they send it to her every month.
Every little bit that we can add to our toolbox that helps even a small amount is a good thing.......

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doesn't do anything for me.

doesn't do anything for me.

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Pain cream

A friend of mine who has suffered for years with various types of pain gave me the name of the one he uses, and he has had amazing results. I haven't tried it myself, but am going to talk to my doctor and pharmacist to see if it might be an option.

Keta-bac-clo-carb-pirlMax is what his container reads. I'm assuming ketamine/baclofen/clonazepam for the first three ingredients, but don't know about the rest.