Mobic , anyone take that?

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Mobic , anyone take that?

My neuro put me on Mobic 7.5mg once a day for my cervical osteoarthritis pain and inflammation.
I was wondering if anyone had any problems with this medication and how long have you been taking it?
My concern is that I take two SSRI's later in the day, and they say combining them could lead to stomach bleeding...So that concerns me.

My doctor knows of all my medications (Listed in my signature) but sometimes I think he is a little scattered.

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Hi ButterflyPain, I take Mobic 15mg and have for years. My dr. suggested a long time ago that I take Zantac 150 (generic and OTC) every morning as a preventative stomach protector. I also take an antidepressant (Effexor XR) and a quite a few other medications and so far I have not had any problems. All are prescribed by my family doctor and my headache specialist who sends the family dr. my drug list.

I have had good luck with Mobic. I switched back to it from Celebrex after trying the Celebrex six months after my neck surgery. I personally found the Mobic to work better for me and was much cheaper. Good luck with it. I have used it for at least five plus years.