Nausea and Narcotic pain meds

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Nausea and Narcotic pain meds

If hydrocodone and oxycodone both give me nausea am I basically out of luck? Sometimes I can take it and be fine like before bed, but whenever I take it and focus on anything like the tv or computer I get nausea. I don't want to take an around the clock narcotic, just for prn pain. I do have a PM and I will see her again in Jan. Just wanted to get some opinions before I ask. Thanks!

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I also suffer from nausea from most pain medications. My doctor started me on Nucynta and have not had any nausea with it. It is made to reduce the nausea and vomiting that can happen with long term use of pain meds. Have done well with it .


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i am also on nucynta, i do

i am also on nucynta, i do not ever feel nauses, but i do feel hungover in the morning for an hour or 2. other than that it has helped alot for me.