muscle spasms after lumbar fusion

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muscle spasms after lumbar fusion

I have read about some people having spasms after surgery. Well I have experienced it. I am 1 1/2 months out, my grandson was outside playing & I thought he was getting too close to the road & he couldn't hear me call me. My husband was with him, but I didnt think he could see him, so out of a panic I walked very fast to stop him. Will he didnt go in the road and after making sure he was being watched, I went back in the house and sat down and started having a muscle spasm in my back. Bad one. Next day had one sliding my grandmothers walker out of my van. Not as bad though. I was wondering if this was because of what I was doing at the time and this should have been a NO NO.

mel v.
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muscle spasms after L4/L5 fusion

Hi meme1166, I had L4/L5 fusion surgery on May 19th this year and I have recently had muscle spasms too. I had a seroma (collection of fluid) along side the incision that would not disapate, and the doctor asked me to come in and have it needle asperated to get some of the fluid out. Ever since they did that
one or two times a day I have a muscle spasms near where they put the needle in to drain it. As if I didn't have enough to heal from, now this. I have mentioned it to the surgeon, he seems to think it's no big deal and will go away on its own. I see him for my 6 week check up on July 1st, will advise if I get any more feed back on it. ~X(

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Muscle spasms

I am 4 weeks post op for lumber fusion surgery.
I also had fluid leaking from my back that
Are really bad. I went to see my surgeon and he drained
The fluid out but the next day it was leaking again and
I went back to my surgeon and he put 10 stitches in my
Back and said I won't leak anymore. My surgeon was correct I
Had no leaking fluid. I'm not sure but a few days later I've
Been having awful spasms in my lower prescribed me
Flexeril and Valium in low doses. Sometimes the spasms
go away for a short period. These spasms are
Causing me not to walk. I do see my surgeon
Next week but I also called him. These spasms
Mentally and physically knock me for a loop. I
Get so scared when I have spasms. Please after your doc appt
Please let me know what he said.

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I had a L5/S1 fusion on 5/1/13 and the muscle spasms were (and sometimes still) the worst part of recovery. I really wished that I could take the muscle relaxers more than 1x every 8 hours as the pain killers just weren't doing it. However, I am no longer on any medicine regularly now just over 3 months out of surgery. I can take the pain pills/relaxers when I need to- but it did get better. The surgeon told me that everything was in 'shock' because the nerve was compressed for so long (4 years in my case) and damaged. Keep us updated.... and take it easy Smile

Olivia Douglass
MIS TLIF L5/S1 on 5/1/13

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i had terrible spasms

I had terrible spasms after my lumbar fusion. They got better after a while but I still have them 5 years later.

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Muscle spasms meds needed

At the end of April I had spinal fusion. Occipital to C4 due to C1/2 fracture from cancer tumor. Since then I get no relief from spasms. Ativan .5 does nothing, 1 mg would knock me out. I'm also a migraine sufferer so flexeril is out. The Doctors have mentioned 5 mg of Baclofen but I am terrified. I also take Compazine and Zofran for chemo nausea. Any suggestions ? I feel like my neck is in " lockdown" all the time. I can't wait for bed time when 1 mg Ativan knocks me out. I also take time released dilaudid ( Exalgo 32 mg), after dinner with 8 mg Dilaudud . I know I'm all drugged up under the care of excellent physicians, and am in Palliative Care, no one has helped me. I can barely mice my head, which was expected.. But have no life with ehese spasms. In spite of all these meds, I'm. Relatively alert but sensitive to meds.

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lumbar surgery spasms

My husband had lumbar surgery L4-L5 and is dealing with spasms. He has trouble walking. Can anyone tell me what he can do to relieve the problem?

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I expect spasms to happen for a year or more

These surgeries we have had are a huge shock to our system! Even small traumatic events (like my hubby lightly body checking me when we were joking around and you walking too fast to get to your grandson) can send our muscles into a frenzy. I now consciously take everything slowly...move slowly and mindfully...stay away from "bustling crowds," watch what I lift or move, etc. I expect this will happen for quite a long time. I will always keep my heating pad, ice pack, Biofreeze, tramadol and Flexeril on hand just in case!