tiredness after spinal surgery

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tiredness after spinal surgery

I had spinal surgery three weeks ago tomorrow (Thursday) the operation lasted nine hours they show work was from S1 to L10, and although I feel able to walk around do minor things around the house etc I find that tiredness takes over, I feel very week and want to sleep a lot, I am obviously on pain killers and blood tablets due to the loss of blood I had three units of blood after the operation, also had fluid on the lungs which made it difficult to breath so a lot to contend with, has anyone else experienced the same !!!!

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Welcome Monica

Hi Monica

Welcome to our forum. Smile

9 hours of surgery is a lot for the body to cope with, especially with the complications that you had, and tiredness is all part of the healing process. Just go with it and rest as much as you can, with lots of little walks around the house and patio.

Listen to some of your favourite music and if you're able to, sit in a recliner and watch some movies.

My surgery was straight forward but even so, I was still very tired in the early part of my recovery. I had lots of friends pop in to cheer me up. As the weeks go by, you'll have good days and bad days, and that too is normal.



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you will be tired for months

you have just had major surgery !! just rest and let you body do it stuff .my thought are with you

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That was a big time surgery.

That was a big time surgery. With the transfusions you had blood loss, that alone will make you tired.
They did alot of work on you. Plus the pain meds.Good to hear your doing something just do whats tolerated, watch what you take for pain and the times.
I had sugery on March 4 2010 I had a fracture at L5 S1,and L4 needed to be cleaned out.
The mistake I made nobody was @ home, everytime got up to go to the bathroom I took my meds, I overdosed myself. I have no idea how much I took, well we know what happen my wife took over. Then I went on this site, it was like a was really loaded,nobody could read what I wrote. I did apoligise. I only say this, cause I put myself in serious danger.
Your doing great and do every thing you nee to.