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Post op muscle tension

I am 45 yrs old and I had c4c5 neck surgery in 2006 and had ok success for about 6 yrs then my neck and shoulder muscles started to become so tight that I am just miserable most of the time! It was explained to me by my sergion that the muscles were working harder because they were detecting a foreign object (the metal plate) and the muscles were working against it. I later had another mri and found out I have two more herniated disk, one above the plate and one below the plate which was explained to me  by my pain management that my neck was having to to work harder because of the previous surgery. Since about 2011 I have been so miserable with the muscles tightness in my neck and shoulders and I have been to pt, I have done trigger points, done steroid injections, pain blocks, tens unit, and I am in pain management and none of it has seem to help much except trigger points if they are done right. I’m so scared to have surgery again but as of now I am so miserable, I just don’t know what else to do!



  • hi loriel45

    welcome to spine-health

    so very sorry to hear you are suffering so much.

    it is always best not to rush into any surgery but it is also best not to suffer pain for a long period of time.

    please have a read of some of our members entries in the surgery buddies groups.  people post about the surgeries there and you may find the information posted of some interest.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research on spine-health that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health




    L5/S1 herniation Apr 2013
    nerve root injections Oct 2013
    L5/S1 discectomy Jan 2014
    L5/S1 nerve roo &, facet joint injections & edpidural Jan 2015
    L5/S1 revised discectomy, L4/L5 discectomy & Wallis Inswing Stabilisation L4/L5 May 1st 2015
    L4-S1 TLIF with decompression June 2017
  • AJ....

    These obligatory posts that you and the other mods make with the 2 links etc can be so annoying as they pop up in every new thread! Why cant you pm a new member the links etc instead of posting on their threads? Its just annoying seeing them when one is looking for replies.

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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 681

     Hi Lori, I have the same problem, it's very hard to lift my arms over my head, it's also affecting my breathing.  I don't know what advice to give you, but I am looking for advice like you are. Hold in there maybe we can get some answers. Take care and God bless

  • I agree Koolpc, thought site was useful  at  first, but seems like everyone is a moderator and they all respond with same links then nothing else.

    Moderators we realize we can't give actual medical advice, isn't that what disclaimer is for.

  • BenzBBenz Posts: 48
    edited 05/04/2018 - 9:58 PM

    Due to my accident last November, I had emergency surgeries on broken femur, had rod and screws put in, had posterior cervical fusion for fractures, plate/screws c-4-thru c-7, in hospital 2 weeks, a month out of hospital I realized  also had a grade 3 shoulder separation, I'm left handed and was my left shoulder, they never said anything and I didn't notice, I was out of it most of 2 weeks.

    Had that surgery in January, had to get permission from ER surgeon for orthopaedic surgeon to do it because of my neck.

    Anyway, I had a list of medications, morphine,Gaba, Methocarbamol, oxycodone10mg, Ibuprofen.etc.

    Now I just take B-+12,Iron, pravastatin, (after doc did test) flow max.

    I still use oxycodone 10 every 4-8 hours because its the only way I can feel good enough to go to P.T. for my shoulder and be able to move around a few hrs, but it doesn't prevent my neck from getting extreme pain if Im sitting in docs office or on my feet longer then 20 minutes.

    My Issue is with my neck, 6 months in and my neck is the same, after my 2nd follow up with ER surgeon and X-rays he tells me I scarred my spinal cord around c5-c6, that's why my right arm and leg experience pain in right shoulder, numbness in fingers, like frozen shoulder and ulnar claw hand, right leg gets spasms.

    I told my doc if it wasn't for my neck I wouldn't need Oxycodone, I can handle the pain in my shoulder and leg otherwise.

    It's taken me 6 months of finally telling er surgeon I need p.t. for my neck, I haven't had any!

    My neck is so tight I can't move my head and it leans to the right, he said its healing.

    I had to get medical records for orthopaedic surgeon to look at and hopefully get p.t. for my neck in next few weeks.

    After all that, my main question is shouldn't I've been getting p.t. for my neck sooner?

    My 6 month update.

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