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1965 corrective scoliosis surgery toronto

I am now 67. My surgery was done over 50 years ago in Toronto by [edit] to correct my 65 degree angle (s curve). Rods and hooks were inserted, bone taken from my right hip: was bedridden 4 months and couldn't even stand up after. Learned how to walk again.  All this time, if I did something that i shouldn't, I suffered from it.  

Can't bend over much any more. Rainy or very windy weather affects me. Both hips sometimes very painful. Am currently trying a 'far infrared heating pad' with small 60 jade stones to see if it helps. I walk a lot but still have much stiffness, weak hips and pain. Don't want to take a great deal of painkillers because they are hard on the liver. I try to keep my weight down. Hard at 67.

Went through a lot of emotional stuff due to 'looking stiff and different'.  Am so happy to share and read other comments.God bless all of us.   Elizabeth



  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,489

    Hiya! Wow over 50 years ago!!!!  Amazing!!  Sorry you have the pain and stiffness. Did you do any physio at all after your surgery?  Do you think physio may help now?  I know us folks tend to get hip issues because of the scoliosis being corrected at first but then later too because our hips have to work so much harder....welcome to the forum-if i can ask-how did you find the 50 years? Were you able to do most everything?

    Veritas-Health Moderator
    Dec '16 T10-S2 fusion with pelvic fixation. Laminectomies L2, L3, L4, L5, facet removal, cages L4-5, L5-S1, severe scoliosis, arthritis and stenosis repair. 

  • hi and welcome to our group. I too want to hear more about the past 50 yrs. how long did it take to feel some what normal again. did you have some yrs after the surgery where you were completely pain free? I still have a limp but right after had to use a walker and could only drag my left leg at frist. then a cain, now nothing but can't seem to get rid of the limp and strange gate.

    I understand the emotisions  of looking different. my body is so croked looking now, and from my hips up I lean to the left, even when I sit can't sit straight up I lend to the left. I always feel like I will fall over...lol I hate the way I look and its one of the things I need to deal with. was there ever a time where you didn't feel so stiff. I thought maybe after awhile my brain would accept the stiffness as normal and it wouldn't feel so bad.

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  • 50 years!! Wow!!!  So would you say surgery helped?

    Speaking of gait.... Did everyone walk more normally after surgery?  Just wondering if I'll walk normal again. I walk a little bent over and f don't hit the floor normally


  • Wow! God bless! I’m five weeks post op and it’s anazing to see others so far into recovery. I have heard from numerous doctors and physical therapists that aqua therapy is the holy grail. On water you weight only 10% of your body weight, which is a huge relief off your spine. If you are trying to avoid gaining weight, swimming burns an incredible amount of calories. I really hope this helps 

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