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Need answer in pain

pain123ppain123 Posts: 7
My pain started a little over 2 years ago at the age of 27. I am female. It was March and I was traveling to another state with my grandfather. At the time I had stopped by the dentist that morning with an abscessed tooth. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics, pain meds and told me to stop by my regular dr's office before leaving to get an antibiotic shot to boost me. (my face was swollen on that side) I did what he said and headed out of state.

My FNP when I asked when to start the antibiotic pills said the next morning. That night I decided to go ahead and take an antibiotic pill. Very early that next morning, I'd say 5am or so, I wake up in a lot of pain. It feels like I am very hungry so hungry that I'm hurting. I manage to go downstairs and grab something to eat out of the fridge. I try to get it down me but it doesn't seem to be helping. I go sit on the couch in the living room where some of my family is sitting . They immediately notice something is wrong and ask if I am okay. I tell them about the pain and they say I look white as a ghost. I thought they would end up having to take me to the ER that night.

The pain subsides and I attribute it to taking the antibiotic too early and go on with my life .I get back home a week later . Within the next couple of months these pain like attacks keep happening. It feels like the pain is in my lower back. I start vomiting. I don't know if its because I'm in so much pain or if this is part of the symptoms. Either way it seems to ease the pain if only for a moment. I can't attribute the pain to anything and go see my FNP. She calls the dr I believe who advises and ultrasound. I went in for the ultrasound. I was then sent to see a dr about getting my gallbladder out. They told me it was full of stones and needed to come out. This was the cause of my pain attacks. I go in for surgery that July and have it removed. That was on a Wednesday.

Monday morning I go to the ER in a lot of pain again. They did an xray and couldn't find anything. Figured I was doing to much and needed to rest . I thought maybe it was the gas moving around that they blew me up with. Over the next few months I still continue to get these pain attacks so I go back to my FNP. I told her she was going to think I was crazy but I was still having "gallbladder" attacks. She sends me for an ultrasound to make sure no stones were left behind. It comes back fine.

I go on and have people tell me they still have phantom gallbladder attacks. I believe them for a while until the pain gets worse and its not long before I need prescription pain meds to get through it. They happen about once a month but sometimes I will go months without one. ( I also during the early stages of these would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was so hungry again that I was in pain. I would eat something then be fine and go back to bed. These episodes were different than the pain attacks and seem to have gone away as time went on_

At one point there was a CT done of my lower spine. I was told I have osteoarthritis and this was causing my pain. I didn't believe it though. This pain will wake me up in the dead of the night yet I can exercise and do regular things and not have problems. It didn't make sense that if it were this is wouldn't bother me all the time. Sometimes it would happen during the day but it got to where most of the time it was a night.

By this time my FNP isn't at my clinic anymore and isn't in practice at the moment. So I go to another clinic after I get the feeling I'm going to have another attack. See with these attacks I usually get a feeling in the morning come over me that I can't explain but I know when I get it that I'm going to probably have an attack that night.

Do this dr does a bunch of blood work, as my other dr also has over the months, year. They can't find anything either but suggested I go to a Gastro Dr . ( they even checked for lupus and stuff like that. ) So I do that. I have a scan of stomach area with that chalky stuff and dye. I have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. They couldn't find anything that would cause my attacks. I had more blood work also.

So then I decide to see a back specialist (all the stuff is this year) They sent me for an MRI last Wednesday. I won't have the results until December 10th if I'm able to make it to that dr appointment (I just started a seasonal job and don't know if I will make it in). I'm very doubtful though about them finding anything. It seems I keep hitting brick walls. They did a scan of my lower and middle back.

Tonight I end up with two attacks . That seems to be happening lately. Two attacks. The first started before I went to bed. I took the pain meds. Last time after the attack I was puking and I figured it was the side effects from the pain meds that were causing me to be so nauseated even though they had not been like that before. Walking seems to help during these attacks, laying or sitting seems to make it worse. I'm not sure if its because walking takes my mind off of it and helps me get through it or what.

Anyway so tonight I have an attack before bed. I take the pain meds and I make it through it. It was painful but I make it through. I head to bed and a couple of hours later I right back up with another attack. I decide to skip the pain meds and try to get through it because I didn't want to vomit more. I do end up getting through it without the meds however after all the pain is gone I am really nauseated . Although the pain is gone I still can't head to bed because I feel so sick. I guess it could be from the medication earlier I don't know. I have started vomiting again though. I can't stand this. I'm 30 now and this has been going on for over 2 years.

If this dr doesn't find out what it is I don't know what I am going to do. My deductible of 5,000 starts over in January. We don't have any copays we just pay everything up to 5,000. I won't be able to afford to go see a dr again for a while. I told this dr that and told him he's my last shot right now. I wouldn't even know where else to look anyway if he doesn't know. I don't know what other dr to even think of turning too.

Phantom gallbladder attacks can't cause this much pain and trouble. If that were it like the others say they have it would get better or not be as severe. It just doesn't make sense. I sure hope someone can help and has some answers for me. Or has went through something similar that can help me out.

Please help I need relief from these "pain attacks"


  • These attacks at first seemed in my lower back and to hurt all around. The more my middle back radiating all around. Tonight it seemed my middle back but kinda upper towards my shoulders too and seemed to radiate towards my check. None of it seems to make any sense.
  • i see you are new to the forum and i want to welcome you!! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can.. i recently had my gallbladder out after almost two years of violent vomiting attacks and nausua..i was down to 103 pounds!! this also created increased pain in my back.. the endoscopy did not show up anything special but there was nothing else left to try and i finally had it out.. well, the attacks have stopped although i still suffer from some nausua and pain in my abdomen but no vomiting.. still, much better from the surgery!!!i wish i had some answers for you but i don't!!good luck! stop in anytime, someone is always home! Jenny :)
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  • It seems the vomiting this time was from the stomach virus. I am still vomiting this morning and it doesn't last like that. I'm pretty sure I have the stomach bug.
  • I also had to have my gallbladder removed in 07 Started having same pain that you described shortly afterwards went to er and stomach doctor had a scope done showed ulcers and reflux only thing that helps me is to drink cold milk or something for indigestin no problems lately.
  • I had the scope done. Both ways. Didn't find anything that would cause me pain that's why I had decided to go the the back dr to see if they could find anything. I go back the 10th for MRI results but I'm afraid its going to be like every other test so far.

    I've met my deductible this year of 5,000. I don't have copays and stuff. I have to pay for everything up to 5,000 and it starts over in Jan. I have until Dec 31st to figure this out or I start all over again and can't go to the dr for quite a while.
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  • Have you been seeing a doctor regularly for pelvic exams? Pain like that would probably make me call my OB/GYN first to make sure I do not have an ovarian cyst or other issue like that. If you have, has he/she done an ultrasound to make sure there is also no adhesion, such as with endo, or fibroids?

    Stomach wise, is there any food that makes an attack more likely? Fatty, spicy, chocolate, caffeine, milk? Did you have a HIDA scan to check your gallbladder function?
  • My gallbladder was removed they said that was causing my pain. It was removed 2 years ago . I have tried to pinpoint food in the last 2 years. It doesn't appear to be anything linked to food.

    I have regular pelvic exams every year. She also pushes on my abdomen and feels me . No pain or any lumps when she does that. Paps come back fine.
  • Well, when you're trying to track down an unknown pain source, you never know. Are your pains at all cyclical in nature? Like more common right around your period, right before, right in the middle... something like that? I know things like endometriosis and fibroids tend to be very much affected by your cycle.

    I would definitely do my best to be there for the ortho appointment, but the ob/gyn might be something to follow up with if they don't find anything.
  • Do you take zantac or something to stop the acid? Also make sure that you're moving bowels every day as some pain meds are constipating. Try not to eat fried or greasy foods. Hope you start feeling better and they find out what's going on. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • The MRI finally caught what was wrong. I have a bulging disc in my lower back that is causing the pain. Since its hitting that nerve and sending the pain up my back it felt like the pain was in different areas and was hard for me to pinpoint.

    They are going to schedule me for a nerve block . After 2 years they finally found it.
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