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Spinal Decompression Axiom DRX9000 Review 24 Treatments and Before and After MRI

kromc5kkromc5 Posts: 4
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:50 AM in Alternative Treatments
not too long ago i began to suffer extreme back pain, my job requires me to sit without a break or lunch many nights for 11 to 12 hours. after 3 years of this schedule it became apparent that something was very wrong in my lower back. i would have episodes were i would have blinding pain that would take me down as i was unable to get off the floor for up to an hour and a half.
i finally convinced my doctors to give me an mri which showed my l4 and my l5 were degenerating. as the pain continued to increase i start looking for any therapy that might improve my condition that did not include surgery. i found axioms website and thought that this may help, unfortunately the chiropractor was about an hour drive from my current residence. i signed up for the full 24 treatments which were supposed to be the most beneficial for my condition. the doctor stated that after treatment the machine would heal my degenerative discs and allow me to sit again from 11 to 12 hours and enjoy the outdoors. i started the treatments while still performing my typical job duties, the first three weeks were very difficult as i worked from 10 pm to 9 am weekly. while i was still sitting 11 to 12 hrs. and doing the physical therapy the pain never subsided. i finally went to human resources and requested short-term leave as i could no longer make the drive to work let alone sit for that amount time at work. i even bought a wireless headset and attempted to try to walk around more during my working hours. (even standing still is extremely difficult when not moving.) i was now on short term disability and continuing the chiropractic treatments, the pain after two weeks had significantly improved. i still have misgivings because it did not improve while working and taking the treatments. my pain level stayed about the same throughout the treatments. i kept requesting for them to increase the weight that was used by the machine as i never felt any kind of pull while on the table. not once, in 24 treatments did i feel any lower back stretching or movement. i told the doctor that my inversion table i purchased gave me a much better pull and i felt much more relief in my lower back. on the inversion table at 30° i could truly feel my back stretch out as well as my muscles in my lower back loosen up. the doctor stated that the drx9000 was a precision machine and was only hitting l4 and l5 and i would not feel any stretching or pulling. as we neared the end of my treatments i told the doctor several times that if i sat for more than 40 minutes or stood in one place for an hour the pains came right back. i still could not do much yard work which i enjoy greatly. when i began the treatments the dr. stated that i should not sit for more than 30 minutes. as i neared the end of my treatments the dr. stated that i should return to work immediately as i was fully healed. one thing i cannot do is to bend over at the waist at all and the doctor requested that i now bend at the waist because he assured me that i was fully healed. when i refused to do so he stated i probably needed psychiatric counseling as i was creating pain in my mind. the doctor then told my short-term disability company that i should return to work immediately. as much as i'm grateful for the wonderful job that i was able to get at my company, i knew this was no longer a possible reality for me. i told the chiropractor that i was going to see a neurosurgeon and request a second mri (an mri after 4 months of consecutive spinal decompression therapy.) he then suddenly told me that he would let me come for 4 more additional sessions for free and only charge the insurance company. i went to the neurosurgeon and they agreed to give me a second mri. the mri showed that my back condition did not improve whatsoever and actually had continued to degenerate.
from the second mri the neurosurgeon stated my l2-l5 were not regenerating. before starting this treatment i read hundreds of forms with people stating how wonderful the machine worked and how they have been healed and able to do all of their original functions they could not do before. as for the chiropractor i cannot say if he knows the machine truly works or not. everyone at the chiropractic office was always polite and helpful. one thing that did strike me as odd is everyone who came in for a first consultation always had one leg that was shorter than the other and that was one of the reasons they're having back pain. i now question all those reviews across the web axiom technologies (as they were being investigated by the government for fraudulent advertising). the saddest part is in the $6800 which i have paid for most of it out of pocket while on std. due to the chiropractors’ statements it has caused a delay in getting ltd approval and payment so i have been living on savings for over 2 1/2 months. bankruptcy is a true possibility as i am still unable to return to work doing the job i was in and i have spent such a large amount of my savings. i believe that you should discredit anyone posting favorable reviews of axiom machines. if they do not post their mri showing degenerative disc disease. being in constant pain, what helps the most is walking, my inversion table and changing my diet completely. i've been reading several books from amazon that provides you the facts of eating an anti-inflammatory diet. increasing my water intake substantially has helped as well. i will also post screenshots of my mri’s before spinal decompression (axiom machine) therapy and an after spinal decompression (axiom machine) therapy to show that i do not have a grudge against axiom, but i must say i'm quite disappointed.

mri link 2009

mri 2010 after 28 drx9000 sessions

each file is 300k screen shot taken from both my mri cdroms.
i did not post this to argue with anyone, only to give honest opinion of what i believe to be an ineffective device. i have not found one post of anyone who claimed to have been fully healed showing any supportive evidence. no clinical trials by axiom are backed by mri's that i can find. i feel in my desperation to return to work i overlooked so many facts including the inquiries to axiom's marketing practices that i found before starting the treatments. i will try and anwser sincere questions about my experience if asked.



  • hello, i reviewed your mri's and they match mine pretty good.. i am also a 37 yo male which experienced lumbar back pain out of nowwhere.. what i mean by that is i did not pickup anything just stated having mild back pain after wearing sketcher shapeups for 10 days.. now its been 3 months with 2 different mri with no luck... i will pm to see if we can collaberate.. i am seeing a few neuros and othros along with one of the spine insitutes..

    here is my youtube mri's

    take care
  • About one year ago I started decompression which coninued for about 2 months. My MRI showed a herniated disc at L5 S1. I looked at other treatments before surgery and came upon decompression. I not only spent $3,000.00 on the treatment but spent several hundred dollars on rehab. at the chiropractic clinic. I continued to state that my leg was weak to no avail, Finally this fall I had another MRI, guess what folks, my herniated disc did not change. I finally had surgery in Feb and 8 weeks out feel the surgery was a success. My leg is somewhat weak so started PT and was told I had weak heel cords and weak hip flexors. I know now I am on the road to recovery and could kick myself for wasting my money on decompression. Want to let people know so they don't waste their money on this useless procedure-spinal decompression.
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  • I began decompression treatments 2 weeks ago, experiencing low back pain, walking or sitting, and occasional numbness in extremities . After medical exam measuring my height at 5'2", when throughout my younger years I was always 5 ft. 6 inches, I thought maybe decompression treatments would "stretch" spinal column vertebrae and take pressure off discs. Only 2 weeks have passed and my symptoms continue--not sure how much longer I should continue. The treatment is done on a machine in Chiropractic clinic. I welcome input from others. Thanks. dorjaw
  • cdmboyccdmboy Posts: 3
    edited 11/04/2013 - 10:08 AM
    I got badly injured on DRX-9000 decompression table two years ago when I was 40. I had low back issues for the most of my life, even though most of it I skied, played tennis, ran and surfed. At this point I had severe functional limitation bending forward that troubled me for a year. The MRI showed moderately to severely degenerated L5/S1 disk. I was told by an _MD_, at a _Medical Center_ that the disk can be rehydrated and regenerated by decompression treatment. I failed to do much research prior to the treatment because I considered it "safe" and "another thing to try". I was not even served an informed consent. Also, most of the resources online is marketing material from the places that sell decompression. As the spine-health site will tell you, Degenerative Disk Desease is a one-way, _natural_ process and is often unrelated to the pain/functional disability.

    The place also had me exercise on MedEx machine. After 6 sessions on DRX-9000, I felt that something was wrong and had to discontinue treatment. Within 2 weeks I developed symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint disfunction: I could not keep any position for more than 5-10 minutes, I could not sleep, could not tolerate car rides. Work was out of the question. I was diagnosed with a sacroiliac joint sprain. I could not consider fusion surgery. This hell went on for months. Eventually, I was seen by a prolotherapy specialist and in 6 months I felt that I can actually survive the DRX-9000 experience. However, I can no longer run, jump or sleep on my back.

    From the specialist that treated me post-injury, I found out that injuries such as disk tear or complete disk rupture, requiring emergency surgery do happen on DRX-9000. So much for the safe non-surgical procedure... I may consider myself lucky!

    And here is an excellent article on the subjectMotorized Lumbar Traction Devices - What's the Evidence?

    Post edited by the Spine Health Moderator. Do not post links to blogs or websites.
    Spine Health Moderator Sandi
  • ChuckRoastChuckRoast Posts: 37
    edited 02/23/2014 - 9:15 PM
    Non Surgical Spinal Decompression is traction. Google DXR 9000 scam.

    Tampa Tribune reports the manufacturer, Axiom Worldwide, was raided by FBI agents this morning. Why? The story doesn't say, but Dean Moyer over at Rebuild Your Back states this:

    Rumor has it that the allegations leveled against Axiom are:

    * Axiom instructs DRX 9000 clinic owners how to defraud insurance companies in the training manuals that come with the machine.

    * Axiom provides false advertising materials … in the form of slick infomercials and print advertising … as part of the DRX-9000 package.

    * Claims of FDA approval are distorted and misrepresented as a selling point in the commercials. The truth is, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has never evaluated the machine for safety or effectiveness. As it turns out, the DRX was grandfathered in because it is similar to other traction tables and, therefore, considered an existing medical device.

    * The claim by Axiom that their machine is based on NASA research is a total fabrication. NASA has never played a part in the development of the DRX or any other spinal decompression machine.

    There is NO literature that shows the DRX 9000 to be more beneficial than standard traction and not much literature that shows traction, in general is helpful. Hopefully the Feds can help put a stop to people using "Dr." to dupe the layperson in to forking over money for treatment that is excessive in number and in no way has been shown to be better than less expensive treatment.

    Link removed, it is not permitted.Please read the Forum rules
    Post Edited by Liz The Spine-Health Moderator Team

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  • wal-memberwwal-member Posts: 1
    edited 04/11/2014 - 6:54 AM
    Post edited to remove name of specific hospitals and medical professionals. by Liz The Spine-Health Moderator Team
  • Jamie HarrisJJamie Harris Posts: 2
    edited 05/04/2014 - 9:43 AM
    I had fairly good results after 2 months of decompression therapy. I find it works better as pain relief then actual long-term relief. Best of luck to everyone.

    Link removed, solicitation not permitted
    Post Edited by Liz

    Can't wait to get back to business! :)
  • Hi all,

    I'm Nidhi (30) from India. I was in the armed forces and I got injured during the training 7 years ago. All this time, I had no pain or any physical limitation. Within the last 6 months however, I have suffered from, initially, tolerable back pain that went away after sleeping overnight which gradually progressed to severe sciatica after a strenuous mountain hiking trip followed by a bad (very soft) mattress of the hotel.

    I lived on painkillers for a month until the painkillers also became useless. I was referred to a local non-registered chiropractor who allegedly made referrer's brother-in-law, who couldn't get up from the bed, stand up on his legs after just 30 mins of treatment. It was too good to believe but I thought of giving it a shot because I knew I couldn't possibly grow money on trees to pay to the doctors. I am from a financially humble background.

    Very well, I started and continued the treatment (Accupressure - 90 percent and acupuncture - 10 percent). They charge a meagre 100 bucks (INR) per sitting (less than 2 US Dollars). It has been 50+ days now.  I can now sit for a couple of hours, walk a mile until it becomes uncomfortable and perform my basic stuff with a little or no difficulty. The pain has reduced by 80%. The compression has also reduced per the CT and MRI reports. This wasn't easy at all. I would scream, writhe and howl in pain during the treatment when they press the nerve points. (It's not them causing the pain. They put minimal to mild force on the Accupressure points using ONLY their hands. NO BLOOD. It's like holding someone's finger and pressing it.) Food habits had to be changed and I followed the restrictions religiously.

    I endured all of it and am still continuing the treatment to make sure that this never happens again (hopefully). I was told if I'd not been on bed rest immediately after I got injured, putting the dislocated spine back in its place would've been much easier and quicker than it is now. My advice too you is : Don't put yourself on the bed when you get injured. This causes the damaged area to get fixed WITH THE DAMAGE and then THAT becomes a major problem later. Endure a little pain and keep moving around. DON'T STOP OR YOUR BODY WILL DO THE SAME.

    Try alternative treatments at least once before discarding them as hoax or scam. The hospitals and doctors are a way bigger and costlier scam than this. Most of us already know that but are convinced by doctors/ non- believers/ media/ others, unfortunately successfully so, that only Allopathy works. Please don't be blinded by their money grubbing schemes. Not everything works exactly as told in this world, the modern medical science included.

    I wish the best of health to all of you, and to myself.


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