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vise-grip chronic pain in low back,hips and legs

hotchaitogohhotchaitogo Posts: 5
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:56 AM in Chronic Pain
I have been having pain in my hips for 4 years now. Within the last 2 years the pain moved down thru my left leg all the way to foot. And it has been affecting my low back as well. Just within the last 6 months it has moved to my right hip and has now spread to right knee. (not at foot yet) I have been seeing a regular Dr. and we have tried ultrasound and laser therapy. (did not improve) finally had a steroid injection in most painful place on hip. Helped about 50% so I could sleep, but has worn off and seems more painful then before. (Besides it didnt help the deep pain in the joint of hip or back.) What is weird is that now my right shoulder to my elbow is having same pain. I go for an MRI on my low back this Monday. The pain hurts worse when I try to sleep at night and sit in a chair. When walking, it seems to subside. A little history, I have had 5 car accidents with one causing herniated disks in neck. Another compressed my lower L4 or L5 (cant remember) vertabrae about 23 years ago. Also, just to throw out there the blood work for the CEA test has risen over the last 3 years. Not much, just a little higher every test. They did a colonoscopy again but this time didnt find any polps. And I was told I have a Vitamin D deficiency so I have been on 4000 units a day for past 8 months. (I get in the sun every day, so not sure why I am low.) Sorry this is so long but didnt want to leave anything out. Thank you for any ideas. Oh, LOL , and my left knee pops out of joint very easily.Although very painful I can usually snap it right back in. Thanks again.


  • your thread got pushed pretty far down the list. however, i still see a bunch of people read it, so i'm surprised no one said "welcome" yet. i'm pretty new here, but it's nice to have found some people who can relate. welcome. i don't have a lot of answers but have a few ideas. 1) your various symptoms probably have more than one cause. 2) i had an issue smilar to your knee popping out which was helped by physical therapy for strengthening the stabilizers. 3) vitamin d deficiency is an epidemic in america (and growing worldwide). rcent research has linked it to diabetes, cancer, etc. i was on vitamin d supplementation initially but my levels stayed low and i still had symptoms. now i'm on calcitriol because evidently my problem is my body doesn't process the vitamin d properly. 4) sometimes we end up with pain in one area because our body is making compensations to protect another area. 5) if you haven't yet, you might want to consider consulting with a chiropractor, endocrinologist and rheumatologist. after identifying with info i read online about inflammatory conditions of the spine, i'm planning on doing the latter myself soon. 6) also, you might want to read up about progesterone deficiency. i'm just learning about it, but it affects a lot of the body. people, myself included, have long had the misconception it is just a female sex hormone. anyway, good luck with everything. i can't imagine being in 5 car accidents. to have survived them all, i suspect you are here in this world for a very special reason. remember that whenever you might get discouraged. [my blog: variegated vision]
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,270
    Pain you are describing..similiar and I can't explain, but my pain has been predominately right sided.. even before strokes.
    My r arm pain doc said due to cervical arthritis and other issues and if you read my..stuff at bottom of page..it explains parts of spine involved. Just about whole thing.

    I, too, had vit d deficiency and doc said it can contribute to pain increase.
    I know I say this a lot..but it truly helped me and doc so much..having EMG. Doc got his feedback re' what my nerves doing without me saying anything. It was quite revealing.And then doc had more of a plan.

    MRIs..never showed much for me.

    If you use this site's search bar..like re' lack of sleep..you will find some interesting posts and info.

    I only made progress..which means to me staying out of ER..once I started with pain management doc.

    Personally, I would not do chiro for my situation would become more agrivated. Everyone different, though.

    Oh, and also, this site has...dermadome map. I'm sure I spelled wrong, but I found it useful in trying to relate my pain to spinal issues. Sometimes it doesn't make sense until you see the nerves pathways.

    Good luck to you and keep in touch. You're not alone!
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

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  • Hi,
    Thank you for the welcome and advice. Both of you helped me with some great suggestions. Some of them I have not come across in my research. I take bloodwork next month and I will be interested to see where my vit.D is. I had the thought that maybe my body is not processing it either. I go tomorrow for the results of the MRI. I might ask about a EMG.

    Thank you again for all your kind words. Makes me feel better knowing there is a place I can talk about it and others that will share their issues with me. I know where to go for help,now. I will post back soon. :-)
  • Hello,
    My MRI came back...they just did the lower lumbar part of my spine. (not hips) and the old fracture is fine and no bulging of disks. I really had a feeling this would come back this way because my pain does not feel like nerve pain. (I had that in my neck from bulging disks) I wish they would have taking pictures of hip area. That is really where the pain began. Another idea I didnt mention. For years I noticed my left foot, when lying down flat, will not relax and fall over like my right foot. It stays straight up, even though I am completely relaxed. Weird, huh??? Could I have a tendon or something running through my hip to my foot that is not working right? Staying flexed 24/7? That could cause some pain over the years. LOL. Thanks!!
  • There are many reasons why it can be difficult to "
    process" vitamin D. Food allergies; especially wheat and dairy, can cause inflammation in the small bowel, where vitamin D is absorbed, causing vitamin D deficiency.

    When supplementing vitamin D, it has to be with vitamin D3, not D2. It also takes many months to see changes when supplementing. It took one year for my level to increase 20 points. I began taking it before my fusion, and I was walking an hour daily/5 days a week, and I live in the southern US, so it is important to give it time to see changes. Vitamin D is a pro-hormone which is essential for calcium to be taken up by the cell. Many doctors are agreeing that vitamin D levels should be kept in the upper end of the lab range.

    I've been able to do that and have levels drawn at least twice a year to make sure of it.

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