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Surgery C4-C7- To do or not to do? (duplicate post see link)

chrisie1967cchrisie1967 Posts: 5
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:01 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi y'all! Just found this site. Would LOVE feedback. About 10 years ago I was rear-ended. No biggie...I thought. Since then about twice/year I'd go get adjusted at chiropractor. Also, I was told post-accident that I had a "military neck."
Jump forward 10 years...about 8 weeks ago I began experiencing constant pain in neck/shoulders. Had xray and MRI. Long story short:

1) Military Neck with backwards curve
2) Degenerative Disc Disease
3) Bone Spurs
4) 3 bulging discs
5) Pinched Nerve at C5
6) Cervical Stenosis

So, basically a train wreck between C4-C7. My problem is conflicting advise.
1) Chiropractor: Continue with adjustments, massage, and traction.
2) Friend of mine who is an MD: If a surgeon cannot guarantee zero pain after surgery, consider pain management only.
3) Coworker had similar issues. Had laser surgery on bone spurs and bulging discs 20 years ago- has been great since.
4) I have consult with Neurosurgeon on 4/10.
So, to do or not to do (surgery that is)? Help!


  • Hello,

    I had a fusion of my L4 / L5 / L5-S1 and I know your pain.

    The body is am amazing thing, recovering from injury, and over time minor injures can become major pain causing problems.

    My situation is similar to yours, and over time my injury got much worse. 20 plus years ago, and a skiing injury which hurt on and off, but never to the level it ended up.

    Over the years if i really over did it, I would be hurting, but I always wrote it off because the pain would go away.

    Then one day the pain changed to severe nerve pain, with sciatica, and burning.

    I like you had a bunch of running around, different Dr's telling me different things, never knowing who to listen to. Here is the bottom line for me. Certain things are treatable with certain treatments. /this is confusing, but really means you must follow the guidelines on the treatments for your condition. For example why see a dentist for a hurt back. I am not trying to be a smart ass, but I suggest you follow this for sure.
    I am not a Dr, but I have gone through this and I have found that Chiropractor's wanted me to get treated by them, surgeons want to do surgery, and so on. I saw different drs before making my decision, and in fact did what dr # 2 suggested, but he did not do it. The reason is I did not trust him. He was going to operate, without doing many tests first to see what was causing the pain. I ended up having ruptured discs, leaking on my nerves and pinching at L4 / L5. It turned out that the fusion was my best option, but this quack was not doing tests to find that out. He said the other procedures were not good ones, and was pushing a fusion, which is what I did.
    So, if I were you the first thing you need is a diagnosis. It sounds like you have 4, or 5. Now get 3 opinions. Get all your records, and go from Surgeon to Surgeon. Whether or not to see a neurosurgeon depends on how they can help your condition. I saw one, and he said to just manage the pain, and nothing could be done, so he was out of my league. He said he works on tumors and things like that, and only knows that type of surgery. My Dr who did my fusion is a neurosurgeon, but at a spine surgeon / back specialist level. If this is not a neurosurgeon with a specialization in back and neck it might be a waste of time, or he might give you bad information.
    Well I hope things get better and again I would look at the treatments for each of the finds, and look at how a surgeon would do the least amount to your body, with the most success. Then, get 3 oppinions. Take care, and IM me if you want. E-
    Left foramina stenosis of L3/L4 (retrolisthesis)
    L2-ilaic revision fusion ( loose screws) with a laminectomy at L3 (cage at L3-L4)
    (PLIF) -@ L4/ L/5 - S1 (cage at L4/L5)
  • Thanks PainFree! I appreciate your feedback!
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  • I hope this is helpful. My bottom line is this.

    Q: How to tell if you are a candidate for surgery?

    A: Standard treaments having failed for treatment of the diagnosis.

    This is my opinion, and I tried all of the other treatments with no relief.
    Left foramina stenosis of L3/L4 (retrolisthesis)
    L2-ilaic revision fusion ( loose screws) with a laminectomy at L3 (cage at L3-L4)
    (PLIF) -@ L4/ L/5 - S1 (cage at L4/L5)
  • https://www.spine-health.com/forum/neck-pain-cervical/surgery-c4-c7-do-or-not-do

    please try to consolidate all responses on one thread to avoid confusion and misinformation.

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