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severe buttocks, groin, thigh and low back pain

I was very excited to find this forum. I would like to share my story and frustration in hopes somebody out there thinks it may seem similar. It will be hard to make it brief but I will try:
For years I have had some amount of low back discomfort which was diagnosed as normal disc degenerative disease. It is a discomfort that is not that bad really some days really sore. I clean houses and have for years, I also am an avid atv, snowmobile rider and as of 4 months ago purchased my first dirt bike. I was so excited but wonder if my bike has become my downfall. Starting in early August I began to experience a lot of pain in my groin area and lot of low back pain, this went on for about 2 wks. not sure why or who to see (back dr?, women dr?) i just kinda waited it out. On Aug. 12 I went for a 60 mile dirt bike ride to celebrate my bday with my family ( my son also has a dirt bike). Sometimes after long rides my buttocks would really hurt from the seat both sides basically. So I thought now i have groin pain and this buttock pain,but after 2 days the pain in my butt went away like it always did, i figured it was strained muscles beckse the seat is awful.

However the groin pain and low back pain got lot worse. About a week later my buttocks began to really hurt as well as the groin and back, this time the buttock pain just appeared one day. Not from a bike ride, just on it's own and it hurt really bad sometimes both cheeks sometime switch left right and then my upper thighs began to experience pain. i went to my general dr. who took some blood, my white count was high as well as a few other things, He really thought I had a kidney infection, even though no fever so I took 10 days of cipro antibiotics. But to no avail, no help. On labor day wknd. I ended up at the emergency room twice in one weekend the pain was awful. They gave me medications for pain, sent me home. From there it began back and forth to my dr. who did run some very thorough blood work. No tumers, infections of the spine things like that. He ordered an xray which radiologist who read saw nothing.
At one point during this time I was walking from one room to the next and my left leg completely gave out. No warning, nothing, scared me I was just walking along and then down I went. My husband helped me up but I had no numbness, no more pain than usual. hmmmmmm. I went to a chiropractor last week because this has been going on so long and all I can do is take meds every day. Sitting for more than 15 minutes really hurts, standing walking same thing hurts a lot. Right at this time I can say the most pain right now is in my buttocks, the groin pain now comes and goes and is no longer constant. thighs bother sometimes but mostly my legs just feel very crampy. My chriopractor read my xray and thought he could see an issue at the l4-l5 and wanted more tests.
My reg. dr. ordered a cat scan with contrast I thought of my back but it was a ct of my abdomen and pelvis which does touch a bit on my spine. Results of my ct of my spine are as follows: Osseous structures are remarkable for degenerative disc disease at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with mild broad-based posterior disc herniations at each of these 2 levels. Lower lumbar spondylosis L4-L5-S1 levels which may explain central low back pain, plus/minus radiculopathy. No specific findings to explain the patient's constellation of signs and symptoms in one diagnosis.
I also need to add that throughout all this I have also had quite a bit of upper back pain kind of in the middle of my shouder blades just little more towards my right blade. I have to wonder if these are somehow connected to my lower issues.

To sum it up, sorry again for long post. My reg. dr. is not convinced that I do not have lyme disease although my tests did come up negative. He said they have a 10 band test if 5 or more are positive you have it and I only had one positive band. He has me also on a course of dioxyclin for that, which I hate. making me nauseus and also makes my right eye irritated every single night and it hurts so I don't want to keep taking these. Meds for my back are tramaol 50mg. 4-6 times daily (1or2). Diazapam 5 mg. twice a day. My chiropracter has agreed to finally give me a go ahead with a treatment starting monday. I am scared to death. My level of pain is really bad, although I am somehat learning to live with it and I have not worked for over 2 months, which has been very hard both financially and mentally most of my time is on the couch with some movement. Any ideas?? Anyone?? I would really appreciate any input.
donna kirk


  • tammycttammyc Posts: 894
    edited 10/06/2012 - 12:54 PM
    Well i can understand the pain that your having. It sounds like whenever you ride your atv your irritating those discs that have come up herniated. It doesn't take much to bother them when there herniated. I have herniations in three levels in my low back. My groin hurts as well,my bladder goes into spasms which i take medications for. I was diagnosed several times with bladder infections and sent to a specialist but he could never figure out what the problem was. My neuro. finally said it was caused by the spinal nerves being inflamed. I have leg pain as well and have had my muscles go weak on me and down i go and it happens very quickly. I finally was told to start using two canes when i go out for walks in case my muscles go weak on me again. I hope that your chiro. can help you with this pain. It may feel worse before it starts to feel better so don't give up to fast. Oh and also i do have pain in my thoracic spine as well between my shoulderblades.So you aren't alone with these problems there are others out there that have the same thing.Also if the meds. your taking aren't making you comfortable then go back to your doctor and let them know,perhaps they can find another combination that will help you more. Good luck!
  • thank you so much for your comment, I was so hoping other members would read my post and respond. I want to let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know there are others out there who can relate.
    donna kirk
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  • KevculesKKevcules Posts: 89
    edited 10/09/2012 - 3:38 PM
    Sounds like your nerves are getting bothered by your discs if your leg just drops out like that. It's probably happened to everyone on this site. Tell your family doctor to keep referring you , so you can try to fix the problem instead of making the drug companys rich! What does the doc say about the test results ?..... take some pills?? Maybe you need some pills while you're waiting to see the next specialist but make sure that ball is rolling!
    When you say your buttocks are sore, that screams to me "sciatic nerves" ! I've dealt with that for years. That means something in your spine is pressing on them or something is irritating them. The docs need to find out what that is......keep pushing. We all think it will go away.........but it doesn't. We all don't want the hassel of "bothering" the doctors........BOTHER them! It's their job to care for us!
    Trust me , if any doctor was feeling half of the pain and discomfort we are in , they would be getting the best specialists they could !
    Take Care !

    Different degrees of back pain since 1994
    Cortisone shots Jan/09
    Discectomy and lamenectomy April/09
    L5 - S1 spinal fusion July.13th/12
  • lonjollonjo California valleyPosts: 1
    Hello I feel your pain also physically and mentally,  I'm 55 years old male i now have pain in my buttocks travels thru my hips to groin area at the crease of my legs then down the front of my legs, I have a hard time bending over and when I pick something up that weighs 10 lbs or more I can feel the pain worsen in my lower back and prominant at my groin area. I have also fallen due to a sharp pain in my groin nerve area, and find it hard to walk or stretch out and get around normally, I climbed telephone poles for 19 years for a electric co, approximate 15 to 20 poles a day I fell 28 feet landed on my left shoulder and back lucky to survive, needless to say I have had 24 surgeries due to the fall. I've had 3 back surgeries I'm fused from my L2 to my tailbone , I had 10 (as I say 3 inch lag bolts ) in for 2 years ,,now out for 2 years, the only hardware in my back now is a cage between my L4 L5. I also have degenerated disc disease, to make things worse, I've been seeing a awesome Dr in Daily City Ca, Paul Slosar Remarkable Dr. 
    We are scheduling another spine surgery as we speak in a couple weeks down the road, not looking forward to it, its a lot of pain but if I want to keep walking it must be done, His findings were my nerve being pinched at my L1 L2 which is the nerve that passes thru the groin area to my legs. I've had the injection but only worked about a week then pain came back. I've taken the pain pills but got tired of them after 10 years of surgeries learning to tolerate and manage to live with pain to a certain level or till I notice something else is not right such as a pinned nerve now. A chiropractor is a spine surgeons worst enemy, in my case and experience with many Drs. I've been told. You should seek a specialist in a spine care facility not a Dr at a hospital in a practice. Meds only cover the problem not fix it. I have a box full of oxycontin oxycodone Percocet darvacet and the list goes on. All they do to me is cause more problems in kidneys ,stomach , digestive system and makes it hard to poop. No fun. Don't let it go much further because you can only cause more damage possibly paralization. Stay on the Drs fill your happy with the one that's not in it for the money but for the care of the patient and their family. I'm willing to answer any questions if I can feel free to ask me. Good Luck.
  • It's 2016, I'm just finding this site because I have recently started experiencing all of these pains. I have been going to PT, trying to relearn how to stand and walk as it seems I use my gluteus instead of my core for standing. Some days I don't have any pain, then other days I don't want to get it out of bed, even though being in bed hurts just as bad. I recently bought an anti gravity chair at Big Lots, it's actually a lawn chair anti gravity chair, but it only cost me 70 bucks compared to 2000$ at the back store. It helps me when I'm in a lot of pain. I use tramadol, muscle relaxers and ibuprofen regularly, for my pain. I need to lose weight but I'm so depressed about my pain that I eat more than I should... I just want to say that I'm glad I found this site because even though I'm sorry others feel this pain, I feel I'm not alone.
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  • LizLiz Posts: 9,654
    Hello FrenchFryz
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