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October surgery



  • I'm back & alive, 10 days ago my wife had to call an ambulance for me. It appears i had massive blood poisoning which had caused me to have a heart attack , it was touch & go there for a few days i have never been that sick in all my life i was talking to people who have been dead for years. So now after Christmas i have to go back to hospital to see if there has been any damage done to my heart at least it has taken my mind off the pain in my arms (which is still there). I am sorry this is a short note but i am very tired & i need to rest i will get back online a bit later. My love to all Allan
  • Hello everyone
    Sorry I have not been around much the last month or so. My easy SCS surgery ended up kicking my but more then it should have and then I got sick either a bug or pain meds either way no fun when your in pain and can't take much in the way of pain meds.
    Sue tried to keep me posted has much has she could. I just did not go on line much.
    I hope your all doing better and have a great Christmas and next year will be better for all of us.
    Take care
    Good Luck
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  • I hope everyone has had a great x-mas & a relaxing holiday so far. Apart from being tired all of the time i am slowly getting over the blood poisoning i am feeling a bit better every day & i thank god for that. I have never been that sick before in my life at one stage i honestly thought i was going to die. That's when the doc thinks i had a heart attack. It's great being out of hospital but i have to go back in the new year to find out if there is any damage to my heart. To top it all off i am still getting severe pain in my neck both arms & hands i still get the tingling in my fingers but it's not all of the time like it used to be. I really don't know wot to do any more i think this is as good as it's going to get & that is depressing. I haven't been back to see my surgeon since the last operation & i don't know if i want to i certainly don't want to go back to that hospital because the doctors believe i caught the infection. How are you doing Rick i hope you are doing well & pain free. Best wishes to everyone i need to rest up a bit i'm very tired bye for now.
  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 558
    edited 01/01/2014 - 12:37 AM
    Wow sorry to hear everything that has gone on. I did not read your post on Dec 22. I just popped in and made a quick post. I had a heck of a mess after my last surgery too but nothing like you were going through. This is one thing I hate about making friends on line that are to far away to go help or visit.. It sounds like your doing much better now. I hope the other issues resolve or at least get better. This just isn't fair. We had this real large lottery getting over $400,000,000 I told Sue if I could win it we would go visit you and take you any where in the world to get taken care of. Sorry bud I didn't win.
    It sounds like your doing better but did the surgery help at all? My main concern for you is if the cage is still floating around. After the success of Susabells surgery because of two failed
    fusions of which her first surgeon said were fine and nothing was wrong. That poor girl was pretty much bed ridden for years. She could have had her life back if his pride wasn't in the way. She had great results.Yes it will still cause issues but she is doing better.
    Do you know if you ever fused at that level, if not just maybe it's a source of pain.

    On a better note my issues have calmed down and I have turned the corner now and it's looking good right now. I was just having a second scs unit implanted which should have taken a hour maybe less. A little over three hours they got a paddle in my lumbar area.
    The paddle is around the L1 area I will have to find out more of the details later. My spinal canal was full of scar tissue which may have even been the cause of the newer pain in my ankle that the scs I had could not cover. With both units on I have great coverage and the second unit even has a open port if I ever get a paddle or lead in my cervical area which is on the drawing board for later when needed. That's a whole other story though LOL.

    My issues after this surgery was pain and getting the pain meds in my hands. The extra digging took a lot of time and caused some major extra pain we did not plan for. A scs is no cake walk but this was something else. My surgeon is also a administrator at this university and he always wants me out has quick has possible to avoid infections. I do not Always Agree with him but I sure do now after seeing what you went through. If I get a major infection there is a good chance all of my scs and leads would have to come out and be replaced six months after the infection is gone so we are very careful. Many times a few weeks in the hospital and major antibiotics may solve it but if not it all comes out. I don't mind going home early if I have the meds.
    This time they increased my patch 33% then left my oxy alone but added a rather large amount of norco which I am afraid to write the amount because I don't want to give the idea to others that it's a safe amount. So less then four hours after the implant and two lumbar laminectomys I went home with two scripts in my hands. Then right away the pharmacy would not fill the patch until they talked to the surgeon. They would fill the norco but it was going to take several hours so we went home. Now I was do for the pain pills and the patch had to be changed because in the hospital they injected the fentanyl. When my family went to get the pills the script should have been for several hundred plus for four weeks but the resident screwed up the count and only had less then a three day supply which I didn't catch plus they then returned the patch script because the same resident wrote it for 75 mcgh and 100 mcgh and to top it off he also wrote 100 patches for the month unbelievable. We had a long talk about that I had to show a MD starting a three year spine program how to write a script. I also explained to him a simple.couple of mistakes like that can kill a person or make them take there own life just from the pain My guess this guy isn't going to make it. This is a teaching hospital but the surgeon has been fantastic for me so I will help out has a patient for some of the residents when needed.
    Ok anyway at home the first night after all the hospital meds were wearing off I got sick very sick and looking back I was probally going into shock. This was Tuesday before Thanksgiving holiday so my family had to take me on a thirty mile ride to get new scripts for the meds I needed. Now I am.getting sick.again pretty sure a withdrawal issues way worse then stepping down on fentanyl. Had to go to two pharmacist to get my meds and had to wait two days to pick up the extra norco. So I started the larger patch and did the norco then went back to pick up the norco and they were out. They did not save me the ones they should have the day I brought it in so again a couple of days of major med issues with out what I needed. Again so damn sick I could not eat or drink anything for days. when I got the pills and took them I could not keep them down this just made everything else so bad now I could not eat sleep drink or take meds and keep them down. Finally everything took hold and I was improving. What else could go wrong LOL never ask that it's a bad question.
    I go to get refill for my oxy my size is out of production for the rest of the year nobody had them. Went back to the doctor and got a smaller dose but a larger pill count. I thought for sure that would work out but it did not. New manufactor and they did not work the same. I was tossed into a withdrawal type sickness again. Major pain, no eating , no drinking. This took many days to get past. One morning last week I woke up and felt normal for awhile. It finally started working. The last three days have been fantastic and getting better each day. I can now see I have a future ahead if me. I may not be able to cut has many meds that I would like too but we will try. I see pain management tomorrow for the first time in six weeks.
    Yes he is seeing just a couple of his people on New Years Day and I am one of them.
    This PM is great for southern Calif if anyone needs one.

    End of story the simple surgery was a mess but it's a giant success for me now and I really feel it's just going to get better. I should have had this done a year ago. I have to quit putting things off. I can save getting three injections every two weeks now which is also going to be healthier for me in the long run. A few times this time I had thoughts that maybe just dieing would be a better answer. Seemed good at the time but I know it's wrong now anyway.

    Bundy let me know if I can help you with anything you need some help buddy.
    It's your turn most of us on this thread have all gotten better. It's your turn let's make this happen
    I declare 2014 The Year Of The Bundy
    Talk with you later

  • susabellssusabell Illinois Posts: 241
    edited 01/02/2014 - 12:18 PM
    Oh my goodness Bundy how scary for this infection to attack your Heart. I read this and really could not believe what I was reading. I will pray for you Bundy, that no further damage has happened to your Heart. I remember the Surgeon wanting me out of the hospital ASAP after my surgery, he came to me and said look I've seen people come down with horrible infections after "Spinal Surgery", so we need to get you out as soon as it is possible. I went in on a Thursday and I was out Late Sunday morning.

    I wish you also had some better relief from your last neck surgery. If it is not fused and you have that "Micro Movement" going on it is Agonizing Pain, I know this because I've been there before. Now I am dealing with some aches and pain and muscle spasms, but it is NOT the "Non-Union" pain. I sure hope that with a bit more time some relief will come your way, your still very early on and maybe just maybe you have not fused as of yet. Your a very strong man having to endure all of this and I hope your lovely wife you speak of is doing ok, I know what it's like for someone to have a infection and have it attack the heart I saw this happen before and it is devastating.

    I think that 2014 should be the year for Bundy to start healing and feeling better also!!!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!

    ACDF C4-C7 5/13/2010. Synthetic Bone Graft Failed Fusion.
    PCF C4-C7 8/13/13. Rods and Screws Fused in 3 Months with Autograft.
    C6-C7 Spineous process Surgically Shaved Off 3/11/14.
    Sciatica 3/11/16 Left Leg prescribed Medrol Pack 6 days also Physical Therapy.
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  • bundybbundy Posts: 61
    edited 01/04/2014 - 3:11 PM
    Wot a Christmas & new year this has been it seems everything that can go wrong has. Because of the 10 days in hospital it has put me out of whack with all of my medication, i ran out of all of my pain meds on friday & just my luck my doctor is still on holiday. we tried have tried to find a doctor to give me a prescription but no luck not even the hospital i was in would help. All i can say is i hope my doctor is back on monday or i don't know wot i will do? Thanks Rick & Michelle for your best wishes im so glad things are going well for you both. Im sorry i must end it here i get tired very easly so love to all & bye for now.
  • RickilalasRRickilalas Posts: 558
    edited 04/09/2014 - 10:01 AM
    How the hell.are you man. We have not heard from you and need a update. I Hope your doing well.
    Let us know how your doing. We Hope something has been done for you.
  • bundybbundy Posts: 61
    edited 04/18/2014 - 12:08 AM
    I am so sorry i havn't been on in a while. I have just been taking things easy & trying to recoup from everything. I am still having severe chronic pain in my neck left arm right down to my hand & tingling fingers that feel numb to the touch. Over the last few months i have been getting the same pain in my right arm. For some good news i have been for 3 interviews to get on a pain management course, i have passed the first 3 & only 1 more to go. That doctor has the final say as to whether i get on the course. Fingers crossed i pass as i am hoping it will help me deal with my pain without medication. I think it is about time i realize that my pain is permanent & i have to find a way to live with it.
  • susabellssusabell Illinois Posts: 241
    It is so good to hear from you. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are able to get the help you need to cope with on going pain. I had another surgery on March 11th I had a bone C7 protruding out from my posterior neck fusion. This bone was very painful to the touch. I've never seen anything like it my whole life, also the Orthopedic surgeon says it really rare. I had a over nite stay with a drain and the surgery itself was very painful. However we all have to cope and understand that everyday we will have pain and we have to learn how to cope, exactly like you will be doing.

    Thank you for updating us I was getting worried, please keep us updated on how you get on with this pain course I'm sure you will qualify. Again Fingers crossed for you. Hugs to you and your wife.
    ACDF C4-C7 5/13/2010. Synthetic Bone Graft Failed Fusion.
    PCF C4-C7 8/13/13. Rods and Screws Fused in 3 Months with Autograft.
    C6-C7 Spineous process Surgically Shaved Off 3/11/14.
    Sciatica 3/11/16 Left Leg prescribed Medrol Pack 6 days also Physical Therapy.
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