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My Weekend!

MelcorMMelcor Posts: 85
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
So, on wednesday I went for my 2 week follow up at the NS and he found that I had an infection in one of my incisions. He scraped it out (OUCH!!) and packed the whole thing with gauze. He gave me a script for antibotics and told me a visiting nurse was going to be set up to see me and change the packing & dressing on my back. So as I am leaving the assistant (she is new) runs out to give me my script which I had forgotton- she also asks me... do you know where I should call for a visiting nurse? I am not kidding folks!!! I told her to call me pcp if she had trouble. I wanted to tell her to use google. Anyway, I forgot to ask if I could shower so I call the next day being Thursday and no one calls me back. I call again on Friday and leave another message. About an hr later I take my shower. As I am getting dressed the phone rings and the PA from the NS is calling to tell me NOT to shower(oops, too late), I ask about the visiting nurse and he says he see's the card but it is better to "greese a squeeqy wheel" and gives me the #". By the afternoon I hear nothing and I call the nurse myself, they have never heard of me. I call the NS I cannot get a hold of them- I leave several messages. Long, long story trying to shorten... My NS calls me from surgery and says we messed up, the vising nurse we called does not go to your area. Have your husband take the packing out and come and see me on Monday morning. Well, my husband was working so I had my sis in law do it. She tried the first time, no go. We call the NS on call. We do not hear back. We try again. This is what he says to her. " Just pull it out, you do know how to pull don't you. just P.U.L.L he spells to her. the I get on the phone. he says. " DO NOT GO TO THE ER FOR THIS. I said what if she can't do it? JUST HAVE HER DO IT! HAVE HER PULL IT OUT. I say, but what if she can't? TELL HER TO PULL IT OUT. She could not get it all. My brother in law is a PA so he came over the next morning and finsihed everything up, repacked it for me. Sorry for the long post, but what is happening to the medical community!! I mean my hospital stay was horrible.

He was on call for goodness sake. It was like I was bothering him. I know that not everyone is like that.

Again, sorry for my vent/rant I just had to get this off my chest. When I go to see my NS on Monday you can be sure he is going to hear it from me!



  • Any results today? What a joke! I can't believe you were being treated so shabbily, no excuse I say!

    Good Luck
  • Mel, so sorry you had to go thru that!!!! So many people in the medical field are dedicated hard-working people. BUT then there are a few who are so appalling, you hear about them. That doc was one of those!

    My hubby got cancer in November. We were waiting for his pathology report...very concerned and not sleeping well. After many days past the time the surgeon said they would be available, I pressed his nurse who said hatefully, "I am sorry, we have been short-handed lately and I don't have time to call" I kid you not! But, we have had mostly GREAT nurses and doctors. So my advice is to be sure and let your doctor know that you were offended by what he did. Sometimes it helps, other times not so much, but it always makes me feel better!
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  • It is like that all over. These so called medical professionals act like they are auto mechanics working on cars! You may actually get better care and concern if you were dealing with an auto mechanic. Please let the NS know how appalled you are at the way that the entire staff has treated you. Tell them that 100's of your friends on Spine Health are also appalled at your treatment!
  • I went to my PCP yesterday and had her get involved. I had her tkae over all my meds and explaned the whole whing to her. Finally at 6PM last night I recieved a call about the visiting nurse. They came Today. What a joke! I can't believe it took this long. I am going to see my NS next week and you can be sure that I will be bring this up whole thing up. I have already brought this up with two members of his staff, his personal assistant and a front desk "person".

    Thank you for your support.

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