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November 2 2016 Surgery



  • hey dalewarren, yes I am a Christian too, and I am right there with with making it through this by trusting in the Lord. And yes we sometimes don't know the reasons for the changes but we have to have faith in that it is in his time and according to his will. I have added you to my prayer list as well now. Praying for you to receive a surgery schedule that is acceptable with your schedule, I pray that the Lord fills you with his comfort and his strength to continue to your surgery..
  • chonnacchonna JoplinPosts: 28
    And Chonna is a Christian, knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me. And that includes all 3 of us.
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  • hey chonna, I say a big AMEN to that , how you doing?? you feeling ready for this?? For me I am getting there, starting to get the winterizing done around my house and my Mom's house trying to get the loose type clothes that I can wear, the slip on shoes for my walks, the soft foods that I can eat, and lots of water... I really feel for you with that drive that you're gonna have, I pray that you can find a comfortable way to make the trip...
  • chonnacchonna JoplinPosts: 28
    I'm nervous, but I am not afraid. The Bible tells us not to be afraid, but it's ok to be a little nervous. I've researched and made lists and I still feel like I'm forgetting something, but I'm sure that's normal. My husband is picking up the hospital bed and walker and the high rise potty today. My insurance has agreed to pay for Forteo, an incredibly expensive drug to rebuild bone. I saw my primary physician this week and she assured me I would be dosed with anti-nausea drugs, pain killers and maybe even muscle relaxers for the trip home so I will probably sleep most of the trip. This news thrilled my husband. Thanks for the prayers

    Dalewarren Do you have a surgery date yet?
  • chonnacchonna JoplinPosts: 28
    Have either of you checked out the post op must haves on this website? It's a comprehensive list of things you might not think of on your own. I printed it out and I will be packing my "hospital bag" "rehab bag" and "drive home bag" with this in mind. Bountiful Blessings
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  • dalewarren123ddalewarren123 Michigan, USAPosts: 104
    Chonna, No I don't have a date yet. I called Monday and they said they couldn't schedule me yet, I said I dont understand you have his schedule book in front of you. She answered yes but we don't know when he will be back in the office. Soooooo I'm guessing that there is something going on with a family member. I hope it's not his wife or kids. I'm trying to be patient and not be anxious.
    Yes I did see the must have list, it was very helpful. I saw where someone said to have a basket with things in it you use a lot and have it next to your pillow for easy access. I got one and think it will be very helpful.
  • LeeLeeMccDeeLLeeLeeMccDee Boston MAPosts: 171
    Hi Chonna! Your surgery is just around the corner. Sounds like you have an excellent support system which is so necessary with the healing period. Have you had surgery before? If so, what type and how long did it take to improve? Are you planning on returning to work? I am scheduled for my 5th surgery on November 28th so maybe you'll be able to give me some feedback on your experience. It must be difficult working while having so much pain. If you don't mind me asking, what have you been using to manage your pain? I use to post here a lot after my last surgery (November 2013) but faded off until now. Hoping also to have some "surgery buddies" for support and advice. Take Good Care......
  • Hey chonna, yea i printed the list out as well, I even copied and pasted it to a new word doc so I could add things if I needed to.. But it's a pretty full list... I am thankful to hear about the drugs for your trip home I pray that when that time comes that they will give you the peacefulness to rest all the way home... I am so forward to having this done and get the recovery started not to mention getting ready for Thanksgiving Day. Our family tradition is that me and my boys make the Turkey then the wife and the girls make the sides... So going to have to lean on the boys way more this year for all the lifting...
  • Hey dalewarren hang in there I know that patience can be one of the toughest lessons that we learn especially something of this nature, I pray that the Lord touches you with his comfort and fills you with his strength to keep caring on... I pray that your surgeon gets his issue taken care of and they will be calling you soon with a favorable new surgery date...
  • Hey LeeLeeMccDee you have quite the list there of previous surgeries, wow that sounds like allot of pain that you have conquered. I have issues in the lumbar area of my spine and even down through my coccyx, bulging disks, lots of arthritis and spondylitis of L5. I have pain in my lower back with allot of days having shooting pain down my legs, but my surgery next week is for the herniated disk at the C3 - C4 level. I pray that your surgery goes well and this is you easiest recovery ever...
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