Low Back Pain Blog Posts

Understanding Piriformis Syndrome

Our video walk-through explains how piriformis syndrome may be provoking the pain along your sciatic nerve.

3 Little-Known Tips to Relieve Your Lower Back Pain on Road Trips

Long car rides can aggravate your lower back pain, but these 3 tips can make for a more pleasant trip.

3 Simple Tips to Relieve Sciatic Pain from a Lumbar Herniated Disc

Steroid injections, mental pain control techniques, and pain medication can help to alleviate sciatic pain from a lumbar herniated disc.

7 Pointers to Help You Find the Right Mattress for Your Back or Neck Pain

These 7 pointers can help you sort through the seemingly endless number of mattress options for your back or neck pain.

First Aid for Intense Pain from a Pulled Lower Back Muscle

Try these three first-aid remedies to help alleviate the intense pain from a pulled lower back muscle.

3 Hamstring Stretches to Relieve Lumbar Herniated Disc Pain

These three hamstring stretches may help relieve the radiating sciatic pain that can be caused by a lumbar herniated disc.

The Importance of Aerobic Exercise for Easing Lower Back Pain

Believe it or not, exercise is typically better for your lower back pain than prolonged rest.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Lower Back Pain?

Test your knowledge about the symptoms, causes and treatment of lower back pain with this simple four question quiz.

Understanding Cauda Equina Syndrome

Cauda equina syndrome is a condition that affects the nerve roots in your lumbar spine. Find out more about this rare condition that is considered to be a medical emergency.

4 Experiences That Basically Sum Up Living With Chronic Lower Back Pain

Share these four common experiences with your friends and family to help them better understand the reality of living with chronic lower back pain.