4 Myths about Back and Neck Pain

Myths and misinformation about back pain and neck pain is widespread; we are here to set things straight.

Understanding Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is commonly overlooked as a cause of lower back pain.

With Low Back Pain, Simple Remedies Are Often Best

Heat therapy may be low-tech, but it can provide meaningful relief from your lower back pain.

How to Treat Lower Right Back Muscle Strain

Conservative treatments can bring fast relief from lower right back muscle strain.

3 Lower Right Back Pain Symptoms That Require Immediate Medical Attention

Lower right back pain may be a nuisance; or an indication of a serious underlying issue.

Understanding the Causes of Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain, also called coccydynia, is caused by inflammation in and around your tailbone.

Everyday Tips for Back Pain Relief

Don't simply accept lower back pain as a fact of life; these suggestions may provide significant relief.

Chiropractic Manipulation or Medication for Low Back Pain?

Learn more about the benefits of spinal manipulation for the treatment of your lower back pain.

Anatomy of a Herniated Disc

Learn more about the process of a disc herniation, and how it can result in sciatica symptoms.

1 Hour to Ease Your Back Ache and Boost Your Mood

One simple change can make a big difference when it comes to your back pain and emotional well-being.