Question: What's the next step after discectomy surgery?

My 19-year-old son had a discectomy surgery a while ago due to a disk herniation at L4-L5. He still has lower back pain, but no leg pain any more. Now we have no diagnosis.

He has had MRIs, a bone scan, physical therapy, injections, oral meds and has seen a lot of doctors, but still has no pain relief or answers. We want to get a second opinion, but do not know what type of specialist would be best suited to handle this problem.

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Doctor’s response: See a surgeon to check for surgical pathology

If your son has had previous discectomy surgery, then seeing another spine surgeon would be reasonable to check for any surgical pathology. A fellowship trained surgeon (either orthopedic or neurosurgeon) who specializes in spine surgery would probably be best suited to make this type of diagnosis.

If a surgical lesion is ruled out, then the only other option is rehabilitation for the low back, and this is often best done with a rehabilitation doctor (a physiatrist, also called a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist) who specializes in treating back pain.

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