Question: What are my treatment options for an annular tear?

I have a grade 4 annular tear at my L-4, L-5 and I have had over two years of severe pain. My orthopedic surgeon recommends that I have anterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery (ALIF). I have tried just about everything besides surgery - lots of physical therapy, pain mediation, and two epidural steroid injections. I have two questions: What other nonsurgical treatments could I try and would they be effective? And two, if I should have surgery, are there any options better than an ALIF?

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Doctor's Response: ALIF Surgery may not be the best option

There is not a lot of consensus in the spine surgery world about proper indications for anterior lumbar fusions. Although surgery for a degenerative disc can be useful, for an annular tear alone it is less successful. Those patients that have a lot of disc space collapse tend to do better than those that still have a tall disc and have and an annular tear. Personally, my experience has been that patients also do much better with an anterior/posterior fusion at the L4-L5 level as there is a lot of flexion/extension motion at this disc segment. ALIF surgeries have worked better in my experience for collapsed discs at the L5-S1 level.

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