Back Pain Relief Blog Posts

Exercises to Avoid with a Lumbar Herniation

Medical illustration of a lumbar herniated disc impinging on a nerve
Don't let lumbar herniated disc symptoms stop your exercise routine. Learn what exercises to avoid and herniated disc safe substitutes.

When the Pain Won't Stop

Posterior view of the upper back showing pain points in the thoracic spine.
Chronic benign pain may persist despite a variety of treatments. Learn what you can do to cope.

How to Stop Your Pain with Your Mind

Young Woman Napping on a Sofa
You can train your brain to manage the sensation and occurrence of chronic pain with a combination of deep focus, breathing, and imagery techniques.

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Inactivity: The Disuse Syndrome

Posterior view of the lumbar spine showing pain in the lower back.
Disuse syndrome occurs when a person is sedentary, and it can effect all the systems in the body. Learn how it's linked to chronic pain and what you can do about it.