Question: C3-C7 cervical discectomy and recovery process?

I had a 4 level cervical discectomy surgery in March of this year. I wore a hard collar as prescribed for 6 weeks, and have been in a soft collar for 6 days so far. I had very little pain in the hard collar, and now my pain is in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I wonder if the pain is more from the lack of support in the soft collar, or maybe I am doing too much? I am still restricted to 10-15 pounds lifting, but occasionally partially pick up my 20 lb granddaughter, with assistance, of course. I have been advised to walk to help the muscle pain in my neck, but haven't been able to start due to other health problems. Am I too active? Or is this natural pain from not having the hard collar on?

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Doctor’s Response: The pain is normal and should gradually lessen

This pain is quite natural. Picking up your granddaughter should not be too much strain. It will take a while for the muscles in your neck to build up. As they come back, you should gradually have less pain and be able to do more.

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