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The L5-S1 spinal motion segment helps transfer loads from the spine into the pelvis/legs and may be susceptible to degeneration, herniation, and/or nerve pain

Learn the difference between pain that is caused by a disc condition causing nerve root pain (radicular pain) and the disc itself being the source of the pain (axial or referred pain).

The C5-C6 spinal motion segment provides flexibility and support to the neck. This motion segment may be a source of pain due to degenerative changes, trauma, and poor posture.

The C6-C7 spinal motion segment bears the primary load from the weight of the head and supports the lower part of the neck. This motion segment is susceptible to degeneration, trauma, and intervertebral disc problems.

Explore the L3-L4 spinal segment's anatomy, understand common issues like osteoarthritis and disc problems, and discover non-surgical treatment options.