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The sciatic nerve has an intricate anatomy. This article describes its structure, pathway, function, and the role it plays in conditions like sciatica.

10% of adults have a congenital abnormality in their lower back, most commonly a sixth lumbar vertebra. Most of the time these anomalies cause no pain or problems, but there are exceptions.

Discover the connection between spinal anatomy and back pain. Learn about common causes and the essential structures involved in back and neck pain.

Learn about spinal cord anatomy and potential signs and symptoms that can develop if cord compression or injury occurs at the level of the cervical spine.

Learn how spinal nerve roots function, and the potential symptoms of spinal nerve compression and pain in the neck and lower back.


Spinal Discs

Unveil the essentials of spinal discs, their composition, function, and role in back health. Understand how they can herniate or degenerate and contribute to back or neck pain.