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3 Simple Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

Woman doing the supine piriformis muscle stretch for sciatica pain relief
Relieve sciatica pain and prevent future flare-ups by stretching and strengthening your lower back, abdominal, and thigh muscles with these 3 simple exercises.

Best Yoga Poses for Sciatica Relief

Woman doing the cobra yoga pose
Yoga can be an effective, low-impact therapy to find sciatica relief. Here are 4 easy and effective yoga stretches to help strengthen your core, hip, and lower spine.

How to Exercise with Sciatica

Woman riding a stationary bike at a gym
Here are 3 easy tips to help you get started with an exercise program to relieve sciatica pain.

4 Beginning Yoga Poses for Those with Scoliosis

Yoga class participants doing a forward bend.
Specific yoga poses targeting the spine can help reduce the severity of scoliosis, improving spinal posture and balance. Here are 4 easy yoga poses that can be tried at home.

A Guide to Finding Sciatica Relief While at the Office

Woman grabbing her lower back while sitting at her desk.
Learn specific techniques and exercises for relief from sciatica during your workday—helping you to focus on your work and get your mind off your back and leg pain.

2 Walking Tips to Avoid Sciatica Pain

Two elderly people walking with cross country sticks.
Walking is a simple, low-impact exercise that can help relieve your sciatica. Follow these two tips to maintain good posture while walking and avoid further irritation of your sciatic nerve roots.

Using An Exercise Ball to Rehab Your Back

Woman doing a back bend over a large exercise ball
Exercise balls are a great option for a gentle core-strengthening program that can stabilize the muscles around the spine and help prevent future injury.

Easy Hamstring Stretches to Alleviate Your Sciatica Symptoms

Woman laying on the ground with one leg perpendicular to the floor doing the wall hamstring stretch
If you have sciatica, you may have never considered that your tight hamstrings might be a contributing factor. Learn two easy hamstring stretches that may help alleviate your sciatica symptoms

How Your Walking Posture Affects Your Sciatic Nerve

Posterior view of the back highlighting the lumbar spine
If your sciatica symptoms start or flare up when you walk, your walking posture may be the cause.

You Have Options for Degenerative Disc Pain

Anterior view of a degenerated disc in the lumbar spine.
Pain from degenerative disc disease can be debilitating, but you have options. Exercise, over-the-counter pain medications, lifestyle changes, and surgery are all valid ways to control degenerative disc disease pain.