Exercise is one of the most significant ways we can increase our longevity, improve our health, and decrease our pain and suffering. Proper exercise can improve flexibility, increase strength, and even reduce back pain. Knowing the best exercises to improve your health or decrease your pain is essential to a workout plan or a pain management program.

Walking, biking, and water aerobics are each low-impact aerobic exercises that can help to decrease back pain and stiffness.

When a patient's pain symptoms can be made better or worse by adopting various, differentiated active positions, it is said that a patient has a directional preference of movement for treatment.
The Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy system has three broad treatment classifications: postural, dysfunction, and derangement syndromes.

While riding exercise bikes doesn’t specifically target the abs and back muscles, these muscle groups help keep the body in the proper position by aligning the pelvis and preventing hyperextension of the back.

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