Judith C. Stern MA, PT is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique (1987) and a licensed physical therapist practicing privately in Westchester County, New York. She is a graduate of and currently a senior faculty member at ACAT-NY. She teaches the applied Anatomy course as well as classical teacher training classes. Judith received her Bachelors of Science degree and her Post-graduate Certificate in Physical Therapy from Simmons College in 1968, and holds a Masters Degree in Health Education from the University of Florida [1979].

Judith's background includes 40 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist. The last twenty plus years have been devoted to teaching the Alexander Technique. She has served professionally as vice-president of AmSAT and as Chairperson of ACAT. She lectures on and teaches the Alexander Technique in the United States, Europe and Israel. Judith has presented The Technique to the medical students at Columbia University, and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine; to physical therapy students at Mercy College and Touro College; to graduate dentists at New York University; and to physicians and performing arts faculty at the Aspen Music Festival's conference on Medical Problems of Performing Artists. Most recently she co-chaired the 8th International Congress of the F.M. Alexander Technique in Lugano Switzerland.

Judith's background in medicine has allowed her to develop her interest in the physiological underpinnings of the Alexander Technique. She had a collaborative relationship with Chris Stevens, PhD (her first Alexander teacher), and shared his enthusiasm for the science that allows us to understand why the work is so effective. She also knew and admired David Garlick, PhD, and valued his contributions to a better understanding of the physiological mechanisms that validate the application of the Alexander Technique to pain syndromes.

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