Marcy T. Rogers, M.Ed. is President and CEO of the SpineMark Corporation, Management Technology Resources, and American Pain Management. For more than 30 years, Marcy has worked with leading healthcare professionals, facilities, and medical device manufacturers to advance her goals of improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as developing premier Centers of Excellence in multiple specialties.

Marcy began building Centers of Excellence 19 years ago in the field of craniofacial surgery. Her focus on awareness and patient advocacy lead her to spearhead legislation to create a National Craniofacial Awareness Week. Thanks to her efforts, US Congress passed her bill in 1990 and was followed by a White House reception with Mrs. Reagan. Marcy was also instrumental in recruiting high profile spokespersons to speak at events around the country, including Congressional hearings.

Marcy would go on to refine the model she used in craniofacial surgery to fit musculoskeletal and spine care. Beginning in 1994, Marcy launched and has successfully operated three national companies, American Pain Management, Management Technology Resources and their parent company, SpineMark Corporation. APM and MTR are both consulting resources for physicians, hospitals, facility companies, third-party payors, and medical manufacturers in the fields of spine, pain, orthopaedic surgery, and neurosurgery.

SpineMark was born out of a joint venture between these companies and Texas Back Institute Holdings. With Marcy as President and CEO, SpineMark has become a national leader in the planning, development, marketing and management of successful Spine Centers of Excellence in hospitals, surgery centers and freestanding institutions worldwide.

Through these endeavors and countless industry presentations and internationally published articles, Marcy has established herself as a key opinion leader and development specialists among her clients, professional colleagues and peers.